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Beamtree signs partnership to deploy AI data and decision support solutions in Saudi public hospitals

ASX-listed health technology solutions provider Beamtree has entered into a strategic partnership to launch its artificial intelligence data and decision support products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Its latest deal with Saudi health technology company Lean involves the proposed implementation of Beamtree’s technology products in more than 450 members of the public and private hospitals in the kingdom, including those under the Ministry of Health.

These products include Beamtree’s PICQ, a SaaS that automates triage audits and supports clinical record encoders to improve data quality . It will also promote its artificial intelligence decision support products, such as RippleDown, as well as its latest computer-aided coding products that facilitate real-time data analysis and decision support.

Why is it important

Data and decision support are at the heart of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s national healthcare reform plan.

Through the collaboration of Beamtree and Lean, the two companies will be able to support the Kingdom’s public health service “by clinical record classification” Auditing and automation improve hospital data quality and analytical insight.”

“This strategic partnership provides an exciting A heart-to-heart opportunity that can contribute to Saudi Arabia’s ambitious healthcare reform agenda,” Beamtree said in the company disclosure.

major trend

The signing of this new partnership follows ws Beamtree recently completed a major $1.45 million contract through Audit of data analysis of its hospital network to support data transformation for Saudi Public Health Services. The audit provides strategic recommendations to improve the analysis and use of vital patient healthcare data to achieve better patient outcomes, waste reduction and operational efficiency.

The company is changing its name to Beamtree and acquiring two healthcare analytics companies – After Ainsoff and Potential(x), the company also expanded in Saudi Arabia for over a year, becoming a major healthcare data and decision supporter in the Asia Pacific region.



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