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Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts Wear Gucci to Their Camp-Themed Wedding

The ceremony itself takes place on the lake under the tree canopy. The weather on Saturday looked like it would be miserable all week, but the couple had a strong desire for an outdoor wedding by the lake. “It’s been a vision we’ve had for two years, and we just don’t want to let go of it,” Beene said. “It rained heavily before the ceremony, but the sun came out briefly as we were walking down the aisle.”

Both brides opted to write intimate vows . “Reading them to each other for the first time, surrounded by everyone we loved, was the most profound moment of our lives,” Beene said. Under the chuppah, a beautiful, all-encompassing mist rolls in during a particularly emotional moment of their vows. tree,” Beanie said. “It really was the most amazing and awe-inspiring moment of our lives. “

“Seeing our two worlds, America and England, sitting under a damp tree, and starting to listen to our friends and family read us their personal blessings, to seven Blessed Jewish Traditions, and then hearing Charles articulate our relationship in exactly the same way we did, while the fog rolled in,” Bonnie added. “Not surprisingly, both of our vows mentioned magic, Because at that time, magic existed. “

After the ceremony, the newlyweds secretly took a few photos during the cocktail party. Then, everyone entered the barn of the reception, where the creative young lady transformed it into a pink personality The tablecloths for the reception were all custom embroidered with the couple’s favorite James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Beatles lyrics. They also had pictures of their dogs, their childhood stuff, their A favorite restaurant, a symbol of their home—the little details that pervade their lives.

Hola right now! said Doudou. First Hora experience! Bon is really important because it’s a Jewish wedding tradition in Liverpool and it’s fantastic!

To round off the night, the family spoke and the couple introduced their best friend, Ben Platt, to sing their first “We just kept saying ‘I love you’ to him while he was singing,” says Beanie. “It was such a special moment. Then we literally danced all night in the barn—and then danced more at the treehouse party. “



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