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Beat the Heat With the Boxer Short Trend

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles – there was always at least better than the rest of the already sweltering city Be hot – I quickly learned to prioritize comfort and be easy in my closet. As an avid fan of noir, let me tell you that it has been a journey of trial, error, and low-grade heat stroke. Flowy dresses, loose tops and light colors are a godsend on triple-digit days.

For whatever reason (climate change? general aging?) I’m finding this summer especially unbearable. Goodbye Levi’s shorts, hello skirts and dresses. So imagine my delight when my TikTok and Pinterest feeds were suddenly filled with women wearing men’s boxers as shorts. The cheekiness of underwear as outerwear is not only suitable for unbearable hot weather, but this look is suitable for almost any personal style. Some wearers prefer to keep the bedroom vibe, opting for an oversized button-down shirt and tank top, while others pair it with a blazer and loafers. (If you’ve ever had nightmares about going to a meeting without pants, consider this your chance to chic your stress dreams.) Whether you’re lounging by the air conditioner or out and about, boxers will be the way to go. your new choice.

The controversial lingerie trend has previously been embraced by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung ), they all make compelling reasons for going panty-free. Hadid took a more athletic approach, pairing white Les Girls Les Boys boxer shorts with a blue off-the-shoulder T-shirt, calf-length socks, and Adidas Forums. Jenner went the other way, opting for a more preppy interpretation. She layered a white button-down shirt and navy blazer over white boxer briefs, with The Row loafers, a leather tote and a New York Yankees hat. Chung met them somewhere in the middle, pairing her periwinkle-striped shorts with a lime green Henley T-shirt, high-heeled white loafers and socks.

But the beauty of boxer shorts is that they’re not just for supermodels; they’re for everyone — and my social media algorithms clearly demonstrate that. Formal or casual, men or women, they are the epitome of summer utility. Designed for utility, boxer shorts suit all genders and all shapes and are a welcome addition to any wardrobe this summer.

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