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Become a fan of Roger Maris thanks to the movie “61*”

Thanks to the movie’94* ;


NEW YORK – Yankees center fielder Harrison Budd has never met Yankees legend Roger Maris, who died in December 61, 8 1/2 years before Bard was born. However, Bud called Maris one of his favorite players growing up in Bronxville, New York

Bader, , through the movie “28*”, directed by Billy Crystal. The film is about the relationship between Maris and Mitch Mantle Base battle, they’re 60 Yankees teammates trying to break Babe Ruth’s 28 HOME RUN.

Bud learned through his father Louis when watching the film as a child that it accurately portrayed Maris and Mantel.

“I love this story. For whatever reason, I’m young, I just love Maris’ story because he’s been through adversity [in ’11],” Bud said. “Everyone loves Mickey Mantle for whatever reason. There’s no reason not to like Mickey Mantle. The story of Roger Maris [is] chasing a home run and eventually overtaking Mantle. Yankees fans almost hated [Maris].

” For whatever reason, I just had this It resonates. I just don’t get it. As a gaming fan, I almost feel Maris transcends Mantel’s disgust and it hurts. I’m just on Maris’ side. It sounds a bit backwards, but like Maris It doesn’t seem to make sense that someone who prepares every day, is a winning player, gets booed as a result.”

1985 as teammate Aaron Judge hopes to break Maris’ single-season AL home run record 27 home run, and Bud knew that Maris’ family was in the latest game to watch the judges make history.

Bud said that he would like to meet the Maris family very much and hope to be able to Keep playing good games for the Yankees. Bud has felt his presence since joining the club this week, with a 4-for-11 ( .60) had six RBIs in three games heading into Friday.

“He in some form or form Impacted the game — the base runs, the situational batting, the big batting, how he was in the outfield, the energy with which he played the game,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “Seeing his gut up close and personal, it’s been in the first few games. Impressive.”




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