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'Beef' creator breaks silence on David Choi controversy

Beef CreatorLee Sung Jin and fellow executive producers Ali Wong and Steven Yeun finally responded Controversy is brewing surrounding co-star David Choe, a week after Choe’s story of a sexual assault resurfaced and went viral.

So far, the only response from all parties involved appears to have been a copyright statement from the Choe Foundation requesting that the podcast segment be removed from social media. But Lee, Wong and Yeun issued a statement on Friday, first released to Vanity Fair :

“Story fabricated nine years ago David Choe is undeniably hurtful and deeply disturbing. We do not condone this story in any way and we understand why this is so upsetting and triggering. We know David has apologized in the past for making up this horrible story and we have To see him work through the next decade to get the mental health support he needs to improve himself and learn from his mistakes.”

at 10, Choe told a story on his now-defunct DVDASA in which he described forcing a masseuse to perform on him in a podcast Blowjob situation. He alternately referred to himself as a “successful rapist” and admitted his actions were “rape acts” while denying that he was a rapist. The story went viral at the time, and Choe, then known as a successful street artist, claimed he made it up “as a complete extension of my art.”

上On Wednesday, reporter Aura Bogado resurfaced amidst the glowing coverage of a new Netflix series, and since then, the story has been updated in more detail. Concerns have been raised among broad audiences, with repeated calls for Lee, Wong and Ye-eun — as well as Netflix and production company A 24 — to clarify their Are you aware of Choe’s past comments and explain why he was brought into the project. The artist who plays a major supporting role in the series is a friend of Wong and Yeun, except for the 24-episode presentation. 1646330108125519873



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