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Before the Stealth Wealth Aesthetic Came Alexa Chung’s Old-Boys-Club Trousers

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In the UK, some of the wealthiest people you will ever meet will be dressed in a red chino. It is the reserve of a very particular group of men (and women) who frequent private members clubs in Mayfair and drive battered Volvos and perhaps live in a crumbling estate with no central heating and lots of wet Labradors. In all the dupery that was “stealth wealth” and “old money”, people forgot that individuals with real capital are less likely to wear Brunello Cucinelli and more likely to wear A Jumper.

Alexa Chung doesn’t belong to Britain’s aristocratic inner circle but she does love their wax jackets—she collabed with Barbour in 2022—and all their time-worn red chinos. The model was photographed yesterday morning in a pair of tomato-hued jeans, loafers, and a structured Gucci bag. It’s that same kind of unostentatious, old-school classicism she seems to value in the late Jane Birkin’s wardrobe, filtered through a quintessentially British lens. Like Hunter wellies and dog hair-dusted gilets.

In the weeks after the fall 2023 collections debuted, Vogue identified the color red as one of the season’s dominant characteristics. And while celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie have become figureheads of the pulse-raising red dress—synonymous with danger and courage and romance and rage—perhaps one of the color’s most overlooked qualities is its association with old boys clubs: a brigadier of the Cotswolds, a varicose-veined nose sniffing a vintage port.

Shop Chung’s look, below. (Plus, more statement red pants.)

Loulou Studio

Baltra cashmere sweater


Le Raphia Le de Nîmes Bordado jeans

Gucci Diana small bucket bag


The Modern loafer


Le Raphia Le de Nîmes Bordado jeans


Emmett 2.0 wide-leg pants

Frances Valentine

Jane corduroy straight-leg pants

Max Mara

long wool crepe trousers

Three Graces London

Molly pleated linen wide-leg pants


Sophia linen wide-leg pants


crepe cropped tailered trousers

Another Tomorrow

classic merino wool pants



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