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Behind the Look: The Queer History Behind Ludovic de Saint Sernin's Iconic Tank Top

The vest has a moment. “I just always thought people in tank tops were sexy,” shared Parisian designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin. During Fashion Month, just days after his spring 2023 collection was presented at Paris Fashion Week, de Saint Sernin shares how his signature crystal logo tank became It-Boy A wardrobe essential.

This piece has a surprising personal history. De Saint Sernin explained that he came out at 24 later than most of his peers, and while teaching himself the history of fashion in the queer community, he found himself in ’80 and ‘ eras, the vest was a surprisingly empowering piece of clothing that inspired the wearer into their personalities. “A simple piece like a vest that makes people feel like they are part of the LdSS community, to be themselves, to show it off, to have confidence in it gives me a lot of joy,” he explained. The black LdSS tank with the crystal logo remains his bestseller, but he offers updated versions of this piece in almost all of his collections.

WATCH Learn how this vest was born and why all the IT boys (and IT girls including Hailey Bieber) wear it A signature vest piece.



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