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Behind the Scenes: Actor Who Played Something on 'Wednesday' Shares BTS' Thoughts on Character Creation

Victor Dorobantu on Wednesday on Netflix , takes fans behind the scenes to explain how favorite limb characters come to life.

In a video posted on the

Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel, Tom Turnbull, VFX supervisor Wednesday , said director Tim Burton wanted an actor or performer to play The Thing.

“We set out to find an actor who could play the role,” Turnbull said. “A guy with the right hand shape and dexterous fingers can do all these moves. Plus, they have to be young enough and nimble enough to handle very awkward situations.” this work.

Thing has been a staple Addams family character since 1930 by Created by Charles Addams and has since played roles in several Addams Family series and spinoffs.

“It was difficult to create from start to finish,” Dorobantu said. “Even the way he talks, it’s hard to find movement to express emotion.”

Turnbull explained Jenna Ortega , who played on Wednesday, quickly adapted to talking to one hand. “Honestly, it’s not difficult at all,” the actress said. “If I have to interact with him, it’s even harder, I have to pretend he’s there and nothing.”

Challenged later, they had to Don’t edit all of Dorobantu’s body from the scene, except his hands. Turnbull said they would have to use CGI for some scenes or tweak the sets to make it work.

“Well, you’ve got the scene, and he’s acting,” the VFX supervisor added. “Normally, when you talk about coloring in visual effects, ‘oh yeah, coloring is easy.’ But we’re drawing 90 proportions of humans who control the camera and keep the percent that’s the hand are actually pretty hard to do. So it takes a lot to do it Work hard.”

Wednesday Popular on streaming and social media since release.

Mystery comedy is the first English-language drama to top the charts 281 watched a million hours on Netflix in one week. Wednesday is also the 3rd, only 52 A few days after the release, it was ranked with in the historical ranking of the anchor’s English drama series. Million hours viewed.

On social media, with billions of searches related to Wednesday

on TikTok, the The series’ soundtrack topped the iTunes soundtrack charts.

Watch Thing’s BTS video on Wednesday below.

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