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Bella Hadid Debuts Dramatic Blonde Transformation

Bella Hadid is going blonde for winter. The model teamed up with hairstylist Jessica Gillin and colorist to New York blonde Jenna Perry for a last-ditch 2022 hair makeover, swapping her black hair for a mane of waist-cinching beige blonde Reminiscent of upcoming color trends.

Photo: Courtesy of Bella Hadid

“We’ve been dreaming of a lighter color for a while, but this is the ‘let’s see how far we can go’ moment,” said Perry, who Lifted Hadid’s darker shade to as light a blonde as possible before creating the final color. “We call this shade ‘Baby Bella’ or ‘Aspen Blonde,'” says Perry. Colors feel pure and natural. For the length, Gillin customized the color and roots for a range of blondes to match the final tone, further incorporating the extensions with cleaned-up bangs and long layers. To mimic the cut, Gillian recommends asking for long bangs parted in the middle, and Face-framing layers—or even extending for some instantly pleasing elongation.

The final look is a classic Hadid look that echoes Gigi’s blonde look while delivering a timeless look The red trend. Look for “poplar blonde” in the new year—experts predict that a beige mane could be one of the year’s hottest shades. After all, when it comes to setting trends, no one quite likes Bella.




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