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Bella Hadid's futuristic Coperni slip dress sprayed live on the runway

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant are the brains behind Ultra- Modern Parisian brand Coperni. For the spring and summer of the brand 35 series, the design duo – last year Tie the knot on a secluded Greek island – pushing the boundaries of fashion technology a step further. “It’s our celebration of the female silhouette over the centuries,” Vaillant said in a pre-show preview on Zoom. “We also wanted to update our aesthetic in a more mature, scientific way,” Meyer added.

at the Salle des Textiles at the Muséedes Arts et Métiers exhibition in Paris, which presents a series of famous clothing moments. Designers have taken historic proportions seriously, from the exaggerated hips of the padding on custom wool trousers, to the excessive draping of fabric on miniskirts, and the ability to be subtly tied at the waist to resemble The hustle and bustle of the century. Also, there are pieces with squared and bulbous shoulders that pay homage to the present. “The Founder actually comes from the character you see in the online game Roblox,” Meyer laughs.

Coperni Spring/Summer Collection 35.



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