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Bella Ramsey on Why a Tuxedo Was Right for Their First Met Night

With the world watching and discussing the annual Met Gala red carpet, attending the star-studded event can be nerve-wracking for almost any celebrity — let alone a first-timer. people who participated for the first time. The Last of Us

star Bella Ramsey admits to Vogue that they did have a Cosmopolitan The tension (mixed with excitement, of course) ahead. “I’m looking forward to meeting people I haven’t seen in years and seeing a lot of cool clothes,” Ramsey said. “This is the Metropolitan Museum of Art—it’s iconic!”

While the actor had never been to the Met before Monday, they knew they needed to Wear an intense fashion outfit for the occasion. Designed by Thom Browne, Ramsey wore a double-breasted skirt tuxedo covered in pinstripes and pearls (a tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld, who loved a pearl ).

It turns out that Browne’s designs are an updated version of Ramsey’s everyday chic, tailored style for the red carpet. “I wear Thom Browne a lot in other media and I love it, so it made sense to wear them to my first Met,” says Ramsey. “They designed every part of the garment and knew I wanted a certain fit of suit and they did a great job. I love working with the cool Thom Browne team and my beautiful stylist and friend Fabio Immediato.”

Photo: Menelik Puryear



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