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Bella Thorne says casting director rejected her 'flirting' when she was 10

Bella Thorne said she lost a The acting job came after an unnamed casting director accused her of “flirting” with him.

24 year old former Disney Channel and Famous in The Love actress recounts the “crazy” events on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low with EmRata.

“I had a director give me feedback once and I was 24,” Thorne said . “The casting director called my agent, the agent called my mom, and they said, ‘So she didn’t move on because the director thought she was flirting with him and it made him uncomfortable.’ You fucking What’s that saying, man?! I don’t fucking care what I say! I don’t care if I say, ‘now eat my pussy’! [I was] years old. Why, why, would you think so?”

Ratajkowski replied, “Plus, he felt it was a real problem “

“Also, you’re in a directors’ meeting,” Thorne added. “You can’t really say much or do much. You do the scene, you say ‘hello’, and you’re gone. No time for like, ‘Let me sit on your lap, or it’ll make you uncomfortable . “What the fuck are you talking about, man?”

Thorne added that she thinks about this moment every day. “I was almost finding my fault,” she said. “Like: ‘What did you do, Bella? What did you do to make him feel this way? Every time, I’d be like, ‘Bella, stop.’ Even that thought was becoming part of the problem… It drives me nuts.”

Ratajkowski declares, “If you need a worse story about Hollywood and pedophilia and the sexualization of children, I don’t know of one.”

Thorne recounted the anecdote after Ratajkowski told an incident of her own, saying that when she 25, a modeling agent told her, “This face, that’s how we know this girl gets fucked… You gotta teach me a lesson, Emily,” adding, “But this is the Reality for young women in the industry.”

Thorne breaks through in Disney’s Shake It Up at 2010 in the MTV horror-comedy series Scream

, horror-comedy

Nanny and Romance Midnight Sun

. Her directorial debut was in 2019 adult film Her & Him and joined OnlyFans in 2019, be the first in her first 24 the person who made $1 million) the number of hours on the platform.



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