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Beltrán joins A-Rod, Pettitte in HOF ballot

Beltrán, K-Rod Debut HOF Poll

National Baseball Hall of Fame revealed On Monday, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Hall of Fame vote saw several notable names appear for the first time, as well as returning candidates who hope to move on toward a possible enshrinement in Cooperstown.

forward Outfielder Carlos Beltrán hits 51 home run Hitting and stealing the year MLB career, first time on the ballot, former All-Star is also closer to Francisco Rodriguez and his 63 Career saving. Other notable rookies include Huston Street, Matt Cain, John Lackey, RA Dickey, Jered Weaver, Bronson Arroyo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Andre Ethier, Mike Napoli, Jhonny Peralta, JJ Hardy and Jayson Werth.

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Between returned candidates, three received more than 50% votes in 94, And .2%), Todd Hull Dayton (63 percent) and Billy Wagner (41 percent). Rolen is in his sixth year of eligibility (candidates are voting the most year), while Helton was in his fifth and Wagner in his eighth.

Ballots have appeared in recent years Some standoffs, with Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling receiving sizable shares of the vote without being elected. Although all three are no longer eligible for the BBWAA ballot, they appear on this year’s contemporary era ballot.
This may clear the way for others to gain more support as more and more voters choose the maximum value of Candidates on their ballots. Those who profit include Rolen, Helton and Wagner , and Andruw Jones, who won the 41. 4% of the vote last year.
Another notable candidate is Alex Rodriguez, who won the 20. 3% of the vote in his first ballot even though he was at a career home run Ranked fourth on the hit list. His ties to performance-enhancing drugs will likely keep his vote total low, though he’s another candidate who could benefit from Bonds, Clemens and Schilling pulling off the BBWAA ballot.
his only player First and last vote for this year is Jeff Kent, an All-Star second baseman and 75 National League MVP, won 20. 7% of the vote, last year. All-Star outfielder and five-time silver hitter Gary Sheffield, who won the 28.6% of the last vote, in his ninth year of eligibility.
The remaining return candidate is Manny Ramirez (10.9% Last year, 7th vote 437), Omar Vizquel (.9%, 6th ballot), Andy Pettitte (].7%, fifth round of voting), Jimmy Rollins (9.4%, second round), Bobby Abreu (8.6%, fourth round), Mark Buehrle (5.8%, third round) and Torii Hunter (5.3%, third round).

Deadline for all eligible BBWAA voters is December Will be announced in January.


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