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Ben Affleck jokes about Matt Damon eclipsing his career in new Dunkin' Donuts ad

Ben Affleck is running a new ad for Dunkin’ Donuts, his first ad, which includes Jennifer Lopez and the 2023 went viral after it aired during the Super Bowl.

New ad on Good Morning America Made fun of during On Monday, Affleck returned to a real location in the Boston area to shoot the scene, which he also directed. In the commercial’s trailer, Affleck can be seen arriving to film a new commercial touting the chain’s “awesome” coffee and donut deal.

During the commercial, Affleck talks to the Dunkin’ counter staff about trying to create “real” and “meta” ads. “It’s like I’m advertising, but am I advertising,” he told the bewildered cashier. “I’m a real actor. It’s an art form for me.”

Affleck then confuses Matt Damon for Duncan employees (who are hired actors themselves) and proceeds to ask if he was in Martin Scorsese’s in Infernal Affairs

. “I’m not Matt Damon,” he said before debating his staff with the eloquent work of his longtime friend and Artists Equity co-founder. “I love his job,” said one cashier, before Affleck begs to disagree. “Some of his work,” he said, before letting out a breathless sigh when he heard that Damon “had a very steady career.”

In a recent

THR cover story, Affleck talks about his and Damon’s new production company Artists Equity, their first film and Affleck’s latest as director, Air, Michael Jordan story and Nike’s historic sneaker deal.

Also, the ad marks the second collaboration between Affleck and the coffee chain, following the The ad debuts during the

Super Bowl . That ad sees him driving by, taking real people by surprise — including his wife, Jennifer Lopez. It was also filmed in Massachusetts, where Affleck is from and where the chain was founded. 1235322574



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