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Ben Affleck says Matt Damon never cleans his room

Ben Affleck may call Matt Damon his best friend, but admits he wouldn’t recommend going with him living together.

with James on The Late Late Show Corden On Thursday, Affleck reflected on what it was like to live with Damon and his brother Casey Affleck early on.

“As far as I know, Matt hasn’t paid a bill to this day,” Affleck joked. “We thought, ‘Why aren’t the lights on?’, it’s because the utility company needs money to keep funding our electricity.”

When Corden asked Damon if he was a When it came to being a good roommate, Affleck wasn’t shy about explaining why he wasn’t.

“Matt is a beautiful man. I love him. He is my best friend. He has been good to me all his life. He is a smart man. I do not recommend going with him Live together,” Affleck said. This, he explains, is due to Damon’s ability to “stop things from happening,” including “the idea that when you’re done with something, it has to be washed or thrown away.”

in “Been cleaning with that guy for years,” said Affleck, who and his brother decided to go on “strike” and not clean their apartment for two weeks as a way to force Damon to help with chores.

“We were just waiting to see how long he’d be gone before he actually got up and left, ‘Oh my god, I’m full of crap,'” Affleck recalled. However, they soon realized their tests were useless.

“Going home one day and me and him (Casey) and Matt playing there in shorts and a t-shirt 281 A Sega hockey game is in the

living room surrounded by concentric circles of trash,” he said. “The pizza box… I looked down at this week and a half old sushi with maggots on it.”

“We were like, ‘We submit. We submit. You too Okay. We can’t beat you,'” he added. “He just said, ‘Hey guys, what’s going on?'”

He also praised Damon’s wife 17 Year Luciana: “God bless his wife Lucy. You have a place in heaven.”

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