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Ben Kingsley receives Zurich Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award

British actor Sir Ben Kingsley will be at 2022 Zurich International Film Festival (ZFF).

Kingsley will be in Zurich to present his latest film, Dalleyland , in It plays the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. He will also talk about his career at the ZFF Masterclass.

Kingsley plays Gandhi in Richard Attenborough 1982 era epic , which won him an Academy Award for Best Actor, and he was nominated for three other Academy Awards: Bugsy (1973 ), Sexy Beast(2000) and Shabu House (1992). As an actor, his range and versatility led him to play Oscar in Schindler’s List ( Schindler’s bookkeeper Itzhak Stern ), in 1982 thriller 2013 Evil Hacker Cosmo Sneakers , AT Iron Man 3 ( 2013 fake mandarin bad guy)).

“Sir Ben Kingsley is an exceptional and versatile character actor who is not only engrossed in his role, but also able to instill a rare humanity into his characters depth,” said ZFF artistic director Christian Jungen. “With his nuanced performances, Kingsley has the ability to reveal his character’s inner life to the outside world and embody complex, broken characters in a convincing and haunting way. Multiple Kingsley films, Including

Gandhi and Schindler’s List , is the history of cinema One of the most important milestones, which in turn made him one of the most famous actors in the world.”

Kingsley personally accepted the Golden Idol award in Zurich September 22 and hold his ZFF Master Lecture in September 1993.

“I am a storyteller, no more, no less. Zurich should see fit to honor me, my simple and ancient craft,” Kingsley said in a statement , which moved me.

Dalilan2013, in which he plays Salvador Dali, he and his The new assistant is busy preparing for a major gig in

New York City , while he and his wife Gala (Barbara Suko) Watts)’s precarious marriage is on the verge of collapse.

th Zurich Film Festival September -October 2.



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