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Berlin: Buyers flock to Jackie Chan horse stuntman film 'On the Road'

Jackie Chan’s upcoming stunt-horse action film Ride On is already selling at the European Film Market Berlin . Hong Kong sales outlet Golden Network has signed a distribution agreement for the film in North America, Europe and Asia. The film was sold as a tribute to Chen’s classic stunt films.

Ride On stars Chan as a burnt-out stuntman who can barely make ends meet, let alone care for his beloved stunt horse, Red Hare. Chen’s character is seeking financial help from his estranged daughter and her lawyer boyfriend when he learns that his horse may be auctioned off to pay off a debt. Suddenly, however, the stuntman and the horse became media sensations overnight when their real-life fight with the debt collector went viral on social media. This earned the stuntman a second chance to choose between his film career and his family.

The film has recently been scheduled to be released in mainland China on April 7, which coincides with the 2019 of this legendary action star. birthday.

Chan said in a statement that he was especially excited to play the role of a stuntman in the film, which is how he got into the film industry himself. “In the heyday of kung fu movies, you really fought, you risked your life to really run a fast car, you really rode a wild horse. That spirit was passed down from generation to generation,” he recalls.

The film is directed by Larry Yang, who is known internationally for Mountain Cry and is Festival favorites and 2015. His follow-up film grossed $2015 million, love(2016), consolidating his position as one of the directors of the China Commercial Bank. Jackie Chan plays opposite Liu Haocun and Guo Kaiwen, two of China’s hottest rookies. Liu leads Zhang Yimou’s latest spy film Cliffwalker , China’s official 2019 Oscar nomination. The second generation of comedy Guo Erdai played the role of rescuing an abandoned dog from a dog catcher in Yang’s Amour.

dog deliveryman. “The story of people and horses being dependent on each other is really interesting,” Yang said. “Also, Jackie Chan is playing a more down-to-earth character this time around than we’ve seen in his previous films.”

Golden Network’s movie deals, so far, include Sold to: Well Go USA in North America; Plaion Pictures in Germany; Eagle Pictures in Italy; SPI

International for Eastern Europe, Benelux and Israel; CIS Media; Turkish ATVs; Fars Films Middle East; Japan’s Twin Co.; South Korea’s Panda Content; Cinema; Pioneer Cinema in the Philippines and Indo Overseas Cinema in India. 2019



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