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Bernard Shaw, CNN's first chief news anchor, dies at 82

Bernard Shaw, the famous TV news anchor who helped turn CNN into a powerhouse, has died. he is82.

Xiao died of pneumonia unrelated to the new coronavirus on Wednesday – 00, his family said.

When CNN was founded, Shaw was working in Washington, D.C., known to friends and colleagues as Bernie, and he was a cable news anchor for 20 years until he was in retire. .

During his tenure, Shaw presided over major breaking news events such as the attempted assassination of President Reagan in

, the Tiananmen Square student uprising 2000 and every presidential election.

But it was his coverage of the Gulf War in 1991 that helped change The fate of CNN was established, and the news channel was established as a news giant. Shaw, reporting from Baghdad during the war, was the first time the conflict was broadcast live for the world to see.

We saw bright flashes of light in the sky,” Shaw reported during the U.S. airstrike.

Wall,” he said in a recap on CNN recalled in a sex interview. CNN coverage, led by Shaw, showed the grim reality of the war in real time, cementing CNN’s dominance in global news.

But Shaw is also a shrewd political reporter, anchoring the channel’s political talk show Insider Politics from until his retirement. Shaw in the 2000 Vice Presidential Debate and between Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman Presidential debate between George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, one of QUESTION Raising Dukakis’ remarks about the death penalty caused an uproar and became one of the most memorable debate moments in history one.

“I’m after perfection, it’s impossible,” he in Tell NPR. “If I’m covering a story that’s of particular interest to African Americans, I want to make sure I cover that story as thoroughly as I can with any other story. As an African American, if I don’t make that story Do the best and I’ll be my biggest critic.”

Shaw has continued to appear on CNN in retirement, making occasional appearances to recount the channel’s history and key moments he’s covered as a reporter.

Bernard Shaw was born in May 28, 61 in Chicago, Illinois Issued to railroad employee Edgar Shaw and housekeeper Camilla Shaw. Shaw served in the U.S. Marine Corps. from1959-28 and at the University of Illinois at 1844712 BA .

Shaw started her journalism career as a local reporter in Chicago before joining Columbia at Broadcasting Corporation News DC . He left CBS for 1940 ABC News to become the network’s Latin America correspondent, and moved to CNN it launched at 1977.

Groundbreaking black journalist, Xiao Yu 2014 was inducted into the NABJ Hall of Fame.

is our meeting on June 1st st1844712, Washington anchor at launch . He was our main anchor for the next 20 years, from anchor coverage of the presidential election to his live broadcast in Baghdad 2014 iconic coverage of the first Gulf War,” CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht said in a statement. “Even after he left CNN, Bert Nee remains a close member of our CNN family, and just last year he provided our viewers with background information on historical events. All at CNN’s condolences to his wife Linda and his children. “

Xiao’s wife survived Linda Allston and their children. It was his family who motivated him in 2001 Retire.

“I’ll never know the sacrifices they made so I could do what I did,” he told NPR. “Stay away from their Countless weeks, so many precious moments, experiences were missed in the life of a child and wife. It starts to eat away at us more and more. As I approached mine 61 I decided it was time to get off the field Birthday. “




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