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Best Beauty Instagram: Doja Cat, Hailee Steinfeld, and More

The Best Beauty Instagram of the Week saw sharers take their signature looks to the next level. Take Reese Witherspoon, who found herself glowing with glowing selfies showing off her signature blonde look. Yara Shahidi chats to vote (spoiler: she wants you to do your part), her braids are swept back with a plush headband, and like everywhere else, Charlotte Lawrence stops for a series featuring black Selfie featuring waves and glowing skin.

Hailee Steinfeld shows off glamour in her new music video (waist-reaching balayage, over-lined lips, nude nails) while scrutinizing Camila Mendes’ mirror selfie reveals A dark red manicure that mimics a cat. One of Doja Cat’s recent unique looks are micro bangs, mint and gray lids, and (absolutely striking) blood-red touchpoints.

Here, the best moments are best of the week, seen as Instagram.



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