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Best Beauty Instagram: Imaan Hammam, Haim, and More

Between smiling selfies and eye-catching makeup moments, this week’s most stunning beauty Instagram is all about sparkling.

Both Imaan Hammam and Sheika Daley have adopted this directive for exceptionally bright skin, with the former’s complexion shown by a slideshow of Natural Mane Moments. Dramatic eyeliner, Merlot lips, and endless ponytail were all elevated by Soo Joo Park’s touch of silver in the inner corner of each eye, a technique that proves the power of subtle metallics. The likes of Kristen McMenamy were less subtle, with emerald shimmers pressing well into the lids; Joan Smalls, who added aquamarine to the mix; and Megan Thee Stallion, who opted for a refraction application of bronze.

As for the Haim sisters? The trio flagged their turn as villainous step-sisters in Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled” music video for a quick cut that includes Victorian curls, plenty of blush and an iconic song Songs – We may or may not sing this Halloween weekend.

Here are the most beautiful moments of the week, as seen on Instagram.



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