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Best Beauty Instagram: Iris Law, Zoë Kravitz, and More

From Halloween aesthetic antics to holiday beauty tips, this week’s best beauty Instagrams span the seasons. Costume Corner claims to have a vampire side and the concept of eternal youth Halle Berry, as well as Kerry Washington, who transformed into Lionel Richie – stylized afro, beard and more. Elsewhere, Zoë Kravitz lets her hoodie — and bushy brows — do the talking in a remarkably light-hearted way.

Those looking forward to the upcoming seasonal soiree also found plenty of inspiration. First up is Iris Law’s silver lids, shimmering lashes, and lifted cat eye liner, and Iris Apatow’s pretty and precise cat eye flick (best paired with petal pink eyeshadow and lip liner). Then there’s Stella Maxwell’s shimmering hairpin crown, which provides a modern answer to the classic headband.

Finally, Glenn Close proves that what works—like cherry red nails—always wins the day. Here, the best beauty moments, as seen on Instagram.



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