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Best Car Duster for 2022

Dirt, pollen and debris easily accumulate on your car’s paintwork. It’s inevitable. You keep a microfiber cloth and a quick detailer in the trunk just for that. However, this is not necessary with a good car duster. We’ve rounded up the best car dust removers so you don’t have to try them all. These products easily lift light dust, dirt and the like, so you can quickly keep your car in top condition.



The OCM Duster classic car is a winner. It features a large duster head with cotton bristles that won’t scratch your paint finish. It looks like a quality and sturdy duster that is worth every penny of its price with a solid wood handle making it the ultimate car duster. I’m going to stop writing now because this product does exactly what you want a car dust remover to do – get rid of car dust – and does it well.



This thick bristle tool is just the ticket for the interior of your car. Wiping it on the dashboard picks up pollen, lint, and all kinds of dust particles that settle in tight spaces and air vents. This dashboard duster is also nice and compact to keep in the car’s glove box when needed for interior cleaning. What more could you ask for from a mini duster?




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