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Best Health: 9 Products We Love Right Now

At SELF, we believe in choosing healthy products that deliver on their promise to help make our lives better, and in some cases, easier – whether it’s adding to our self-care skincare Products – daily care, technology to help us do the things we love, healthy snacks to help us through the 2pm slump, or fitness gear to keep us active. In this month’s Best of Wellness collection (we review all of our wellness favorites each month), we’ve focused on nourishing, cooling, and immediate distraction products that will energize your summer.

(Note: This list includes free samples sent to us for testing and our recent purchases, but everything listed is here only because We really liked it.)

All products in SELF Independently selected by our editors. However, we may earn affiliate commissions when you purchase items through our retail links.

  • Thighsociety The Cooling Shorts

    Thigh Association

    Thigh Association Cooling Short

    Thigh Society is my go-to when I want a base layer that provides more coverage than underwear. While all of the brand’s anti-chafing suspender shorts are great for different reasons—its styles are great for lounging, wearing skirts, running errands, and more—I’ve been looking for (and recommending) cooling shorts lately. On the one hand, it’s as hot as a Northeastern Sally Rooney novel, and the style is very airy and, yes, cool. They’re also incredibly versatile: They come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and colors, and I can wear them for more coverage, look sleeker under skirts, or sleep alone or hang out around the house. I also like that they are “reverse shapewear” which means they don’t squeeze your body. Wearing them feels more like a light hug, which is all I can handle these days.

    Kathryn Keller, Deputy Health Director

  • Thighsociety The Cooling Shorts


Aprico Hydrate + Replenish Sachets

As a fitness trainer, I am very concerned about electrolyte packs well-informed. I’ve tried dozens of powders and drinks that promise to hydrate and rejuvenate after a long flight, a sweaty workout, or a night out. Most are fruity and flavored with a few grams of sugar. While I’m certainly not against sugar (I work part-time as a candy lover), I was excited to try Aprico’s hydration pack, which doesn’t taste like added sugar. They are made from phytoplankton seawater minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. When I first mixed it into water, I definitely wanted it to taste like a mouthful of Atlantic, but no! The taste is almost indistinguishable from ordinary old water. And I find myself dealing with less post-workout dehydration headaches and fatigue. I’m really glad I found these.

Sarah Madaus, Business Writer



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