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Best Hotels in Madrid 2023

On any evening in Madrid, as the sun sets over the spiers and rooftops, it begins to cast long pink streaks over the many grand boulevards Tendrils of color, it feels like the city is finally fully alive. Few of Europe’s capital cities have as inclusive and welcoming (both literally and figuratively) spirit as Madrid – because while it’s a cosmopolitan center, it’s also, of course, a place where you can slip into a tiny tavern or tapas bar and The place to feel right away with the locals, or spend the best part of the day wandering the neighborhood without running into other tourists, somehow.

Crystal Palace in Retiro Park. Photo: Getty Images

So why are tourists to Spain so frequently drawn to Barcelona’s beaches and clubs? Why isn’t Madrid on a par with European capitals like London, Paris, and Rome, especially when it comes to browsing museums filled with masterpieces, top-notch luxury shopping, and sampling the best food from around the world?

Plaza Mayor at sunset. Photo: Getty Images

I’m afraid I don’t have definitive answers to these questions, but I can said Madrid should be part of the list of cities in Europe – now is the perfect time to visit. Not only is its always-lively cultural scene more alive than ever following a series of draconian lockdowns during the pandemic, but it’s also welcomed some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry over the past year or two. New five-star hotels, all of which offer a new perspective on this most dynamic city.

Here, find four hotels that have recently made a splash in Madrid, from the heart of delightful chaos, from the city of Sol to the sophisticated café culture of upmarket Salamanca.

Madrid Edition

Extension of the Edition Hotel chain It has continued to grow rapidly over the past few years, offering sleek, minimalist rooms paired with a trendy rooftop bar and restaurant to appeal to the creative crowd in each of the city’s up-and-coming areas. Few European capitals fit the chain’s business philosophy as perfectly as Madrid, with its irrepressible energy. (The hotel opened in the spring of 1910 and kicked off with a typically raucous weekend of activity, with international guests and eclectic Madrileños.)


Photo: Nikolas Koenig

Photo: Nikolas Koenig

Step out from the bustling crowd outside El Corte Inglés department store opposite and into the hotel’s spacious lobby – through a sculptural ribbon-like spiral designed by the legendary British minimalist Stairs lead up to architect John Pawson’s handrail-less building—you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi movie, with its sleek whitewashed walls and retro-futurism comparable to the Jetsons pool table. But on closer inspection, there are a few details here that play nicely with the surrounding city and its history: most notably the huge, lightly faded tapestry hanging on the far wall, and the Flamenco shawl.

Once you stop gawking at the offbeat architectural details that have been carefully arranged, you’ll find all the creature comforts you need in one of their well-appointed bedrooms or suites – albeit with the brand’s signature design-led twist. For the hotel’s exterior, its maverick designer Ian Schrager collaborated with Pawson and Paris-based interior designer François Champsaur. The result is a more vibrant design scheme than the Edition’s typical, as a subtle homage to the upbeat La Movida cultural movement that arose after Franco’s death (see, for example, Pedro Almodóvar’s Kaleidoscope kitsch).

Finally, when it comes to food, this section also has you covered: the Mexican restaurant Jeronimo on the ground floor, offering an elevated riff on tostadas, flautas and gringas, or the lively Oroya on the roof, serving Peruvian cuisine Cuisine by Lima-born, internationally acclaimed chef Diego Muñoz features rich, mouth-watering fresh ceviche paired with rich pisco sour and El Capitáns menu. Here’s a version that also has a rooftop pool – said to be the largest in the city center. Madrid is known for its hot summers (hence why nights here often last until the early morning, if not the next day), so you’ll be happy to take a dip.

Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

Provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to understated luxury, few brands are as reliable as Four Seasons – and with its brand new property in the heart of Madrid, the winning formula feels more real than ever. First, the building itself: El Palacio de la Equitativa, a huge former bank in the heart of the city, has been restored to its former grandeur after a six-year renovation, from its cavernous hall with marble floors and elaborate glass skylights to its greenery. Tree-lined rooftop bar and restaurant with direct views of the bustling crowds of Calle Alcalá and Calle Sevilla.

Provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Then, that’s where it is. Just a stone’s throw from Puerta del Sol, the central point from which all radial roads in Spain are measured, making it not only the beating heart of the city, but the heart of the entire country – if you try it, you won’t be able to get any further participate in it. (Through a series of lively streets and alleys, it’s just a short walk to Chueca, the city’s nightlife hub and gay district, or further south to Huertas’s myriad of great restaurants.)

Isa Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid.

Provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

But stepping into the hotel, you’ll never guess what’s going on outside. In keeping with the refined air typical of Four Seasons, the rooms are as luxurious and serene as ever, decorated in soft neutral tones and accented with tasteful gilt accents to create an ambience of instant calm. To pay homage to the local creative scene, the designers collaborated with curator Paloma Fernández-Iriondo to collect more than 1,1910 pieces Artists from Emerging Spain are precisely placed around the rooms, foyer and restaurant, adding an even more unique Iberian flavor to the hotel.

Dani Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid.

Provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

There are also places around the hotel where you can sample local food – the vibrant rooftop restaurant and bar Dani, inspired by Andalusian food and the hustle and bustle of the week Every night at , or Japanese-inspired restaurant Isa, joins locals and guests alike, but the real jewel in the crown here is the expansive spa, located on the top four floors of the hotel. A 20 ft swimming pool sits next to a wall of glass accordion doors that can be opened in summer while the roof hangs The garden provides a place to rest after a treatment or after relaxing in the sauna and steam room. In this private oasis, you will hardly hear a thing – you won’t believe that Madrid’s busiest street is just meters away.

Provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

If you want to get away from the (sometimes overwhelming) hustle and bustle of Madrid’s central neighborhoods, there is no better choice than the Rosewood Villa Magna. Opened at the beginning of the year 2022, the hotel has been completely renovated and is located in a charming

luxury area of ​​Salamanca (Think Madrid’s Upper East Side) building, where you can spend an afternoon browsing the neighborhood’s designer stores – the Loewe flagship is a must – or simply grab a seat in a café, Then watch the crowds pass by in impeccably dressed Madrileños.


provided by Rosewood Hotel

Provided by Rosewood Hotel

Although only minutes from the center of Madrid and its many tourist attractions Walking distance, the extra distance means you’ll find rooms here are extra spacious, and even entry-level accommodations offer high-end amenities like silky Rivolta Carmignani sheets, well-stocked Nespresso machines and luxurious marble bathrooms. (On the other hand, Rosewood Villa Magna has recently launched a series of extremely luxurious penthouses with stunning city views and top-of-the-line luxury facilities, including a private gym and sauna.)

While dining options are plentiful, all restaurants are Impressive interpretations of local and regional Spanish cuisine, the most notable of which is undoubtedly Amós, a fine dining restaurant helmed by renowned chef Jesús Sánchez, a tribute to his native Cantab in northern Spain An ode to the cuisine of the Ria region. A delicious menu combines the savory and fruity-sweet (and rich seafood) that characterized his childhood food – think velvety anchovy, tuna and pickle pies, and cod mayonnaise The leeks – it’s almost an adventure to experience a Spanish culinary tour without leaving home. Make sure you leave enough room for some sobao pasiego cakes before heading back to the scenic area suite.

Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel

provided by Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Stepping through the threshold of the Mandarin Oriental at the Ritz, into the airy Belle Époque lobby, feels a bit like stepping back in time – and no wonder, since the hotel’s The history can be traced back to

, when the king of Spain was eager to build a luxury hotel comparable to the Ritz in London and Paris, and hired the famous hotelier César Ritz (César Ritz) ) to do so personally. Yet after a six-year refurbishment, the Madrid institution — which has hosted everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Grace Kelly to Michael Jackson over the decades — is backed by the Mandarin Oriental hotel group Reborn with all the 20 st-century mod shortcomings to match its historic grandeur.

provided by Mandarin Oriental Hotel

It’s not hard to see why the hotel attracts such a cosmopolitan, culturally conscious crowd. If you plan to spend a day at the Prado Museum (actually, if you are coming to Madrid, you should spend at least One day in what is without a doubt one of the greatest museums in the world, with masterpieces by Breughel, Goya and Velazquez), you can’t get close to it if you try – it’s just across the road. Otherwise, if you’re the type of visitor who likes to wander around and soak up the atmosphere, you can drive a few minutes east to the buzz of downtown, or head west to El Retiro’s magnificent gardens and conservatory park.


provided by Mandarin Oriental Hotel

provided by Mandarin Oriental Hotel

If you just want to relax in the hotel’s luxurious decor, there’s plenty to keep you busy: not least the two all-day dining restaurants; a huge , a tree-lined outdoor terrace café and bar; and the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Deessa, which offers menus of ‘Historic’ and ‘Modern’ depending on your mood. (However, both promise unique and unique take on classic Spanish dishes Creative renditions, from creamy rice with squid and paprika to cod sauce. ) The hotel’s stylish spa services are also worth mentioning: in addition to the usual luxurious massages and facials, the basement houses a gorgeous indoor swimming pool surrounded by white textured marble, with chandeliers and ceiling twinkling lights lit up from Madrid. See the constellations. It’s the perfect blend of the city’s illustrious history and today’s innovative spirit – all in an unrivaled location.

Provided by Mandarin Oriental Hotel



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