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Best Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelers – From Everyday Fine Jewelry to Engagement Rings

Over the past few years, the finest lab-grown diamonds may not have been your first choice when shopping for fine jewelry like engagement rings or everyday items like earrings, necklaces and bracelets. But the diamond jewelry industry has changed dramatically over the years. Lab-grown diamonds are just as coveted as natural diamonds mined from the earth, so there are plenty of options. In fact, when you start researching these sparkling creations, including the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds, you’ll learn that lab-grown diamonds are made of pure carbon Real diamonds made. A common mistake is to misinterpret lab diamonds as simulated diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, which are made of different chemical compositions when they are not. Laboratory diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds, but as their name suggests, they are created in a laboratory rather than from earth resources. While this makes them less rare, they are undoubtedly more valuable than natural diamonds, and often more affordable.

Variety is one of the great joys of buying a lab-grown diamond, and yes, the four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat still apply. You can choose from all the different diamond cuts, from round to oval and emeralds, set in yellow, white and rose gold. Likewise, when figuring out where to buy lab-grown diamonds, especially those that will be the focal point of the best engagement rings, you’ll find all the ring settings you’re looking for, including traditional, contemporary, and vintage-inspired designs. Thanks to the lab-grown Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a controlled environment, making it easier to get flawless diamonds at friendly prices, as are larger diamonds. It is almost impossible to tell whether a diamond is natural or lab-grown with the naked eye.

As far as the environment is concerned, each has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it comes down to what you value most and how you weigh things – compare the energy and water usage required for your choice of lab-grown diamonds and compare that to the electricity and labor required for mining. In the end, like the best vintage jewelry, off-the-shelf diamond jewelry is the most sustainable option, despite the abundance of conscious new designs on the market. Read ahead for our compilation of six of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile, one of the most popular online retailers, is an experimental Synonymous with lab-grown diamonds and fine jewelry, offering ready-to-ship pieces and customizable pieces. They’ve been around since , launched with a customer-first model that prioritizes transparent jewelry education and pricing. In other words, this is one of the most informative and best deals you can get without sacrificing quality. In addition, Blue Nile works with the world’s most respected suppliers who adhere to and enforce the standards set by the Kimberley Process to source ethically sourced natural diamonds. So, to make sure their lab-grown diamonds meet the same respectable standards, they ensure quality by having the gemstones graded by GIA’s independent experts (which is not a uniform practice for lab-grown diamonds) so they can be offered with every purchase. grading table.



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