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Best lines from Inheritance Episode 4 Episode 4

Marcia’s back, baby! This week Succession a few other things happened as well, but mainly I was concerned with the presence of ex(?) Mrs Logan Roy who came back after her husband to pay her respects (and thoroughly disturbed all his children with her ghostly calm and grace). Without further ado, here are the best lines from the latest episode of Succession:

“We’re calling Kerry a taxi car to the subway so she can go home to her tiny apartment”

It’s not just the best line for last night; I bet it’s also a contender for the bestSuccession series ever.

“You might want to put down that fish taco. Your blues are everywhere”

Gerri for CEO. Gerri is the CEO of everything!

“Don’t. You’ll regret it. Let me show you some kindness”

What a beautiful, Austen-esque Tom line, Although he’s an absolute load of bullshit.

) “What’s the CEO vibe?”

Oh, Tom. If you had to ask vibes, you already know it.

“I mean, two are fucking and three are some weird orgy of hippies”

A rather elegant line to keep your sister out of the business cycle.

(in response to “Where’s Kree?”): “In Marcia’s trunk, in the anaconda, in the sarcophagus”

Nobody sums up a situation like Roman.

“No need to be embarrassed, we are family. I will look for $ and Between $10,000”

Marcia, I miss you so much. Never leave again.




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