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Best Lines from Season 4, Episode 9 of Inheritance

If you’re vaguely feeling overwhelmed, even a little depressed, consider that it might be because Sunday night’s Succession was second- The last ever. (yes, I was actually screaming/crying/vomiting.) Luckily, there are still plenty of good Roy family quips – by writers , not the AI ​​- until then the loop repeats itself. Here are the best lines from Season 4, Episode 9, ranked. )

A true moment of Shiv’s splendor.

“The Roy boys vs Shiv the Shiv”

I guess we know where the battle lines are in the finale!

“I’m the king of the East. I’m the king of the East”

Glad to know that no amount of “sorrow” can change Roman basic character.

“You have a great attitude”

This is of course a response to Ewan’s eulogy!

“Discord made my dick bigger”

Unfortunately, this roman line made me laugh out loud .

“He’s going to roll around like a labrador in a pack of cute senators now”

I miss Mrs Caroline.

“It’s Kerry, right? Not Kelly?”

If Logan Roy’s ex-wives were going to do a thing , that is ether the side chick.

“I’m in the coronation committee”

keep telling yourself, Greg.

“What would she do, what, 36 hours of maternity leave, send emails over her vanity C-section”

No one is more despicable than Shiv himself.

“Are you too online ok? You lose context”

Absolute boldness of Kendall to say that to Rava.. ….

“Marcia looks so trendy. Delicious”

If I love one thing, it’s this one A man who is willing to be a little bit, even if that little bit is, uh, an incest joke.



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