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Best way to fix a Nintendo Switch controller that won't turn on

Switch Joy-Con controllers

Switch Joy-Con controllers Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Nintendo Switch remains one of the strongest financially performing consoles in 2022, five It’s no surprise that it’s still enjoying massive support after a year and a half of its release. No Man’s Sky, Splatoon 3, and Archangel 3 are some of the most notable recent additions to the Switch catalog, and you’ll need a pair of Joy-Con controllers to play them. Unfortunately for Switch users, Joy-Cons will continue to appear over time Fault. Many things can go wrong, including the well-known Joy-Con drift problem; this misplaces your controller’s analog stick, constantly entering a direction because it can’t return to center. Another problem you may encounter is a pair of Joy-Con controllers that refuse to start or respond to your input no matter how many times you try to charge or restart them. Fortunately, Nintendo of America has a solution – if you’re willing to follow the directions.

Reset your Nintendo Switch Controller
  • Switch Joy-Con controllers
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    Nintendo Switch

    There’s mostly good news here: According to Nintendo, when your When your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller refuses to start, you can simply do a factory reset. The process is pretty straightforward, and it should get you back into your game without much (or any) extra hassle.

    Find the AC adapter for your Nintendo Switch, preferably the one that came in the same box as your Nintendo Switch. If your AC adapter is lost or damaged, you can simply buy a new one from Nintendo’s hardware store page. Disconnect the AC adapter from the wall outlet and remove it from your Switch or Switch Dock (simultaneously) for at least 30 seconds. Remove the Joy-Con controllers from both sides of the Switch, then click the small black “Sync” button on either side of the controllers to initiate the reset. Reconnect your Joy-Con controller to your Switch console.
    Plug your Nintendo Switch into the same AC adapter you reset earlier. Click on the screen prompt to enter the Switch main interface. Navigate to the Controllers menu on the Dashboard, which appears as a small mini-controller icon. Congratulations! You should now be able to see both controllers paired and charging.



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