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Better Call Saul season 6 begins merging with Breaking Bad timeline

Since AMC announced a spinoff series centered on Breaking Bad‘s Lawyer Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) Liar, we’re all waiting to see Breaking Bad’s finale two and a half weeks before it airs in September 2013 When and how the Better Call Saul timeline will be mixed with the Breaking Bad timeline. Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould has confirmed that America’s favorite meth lab colleagues Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron) Paul) will reprise theirBreaking Bad roles this season. So, after five extraordinary seasons, the duo is making their debut, but the schedule thanks for characters you may have forgotten.

In Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad

started out as a fraudulent A lawyer with a heart of gold known as Jimmy McGill. He became Saul Goodman to escape the suffocating shadow of his late brother and respected lawyer, Charles McGill (Michael McKean). He dates and then (strategically) marries fellow lawyer Kim Wexler (Riya West Horn), who is arguably the funniest character on the entire show. Unfortunately, his twisty road to becoming a lawyer has been a treacherous one, leading him to take orders from Mexican cartels, whether that means getting bail from the desert or breaking the law to free evil criminals.

better call saul bob odenkirk


Gould told ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, “I DON’T THINK YOU” I’ll look at BREAKING BAD the same way again after you’ve watched the entire season. “ We’ve seen it all in Better Call Saul, but it’s time to see how it goes in The Breaking Bad timeline that created it. kim wexler rhea seahorn

Kim Wexler in Breaking Bad What happens in the timeline?

Since she wears the slick With ponytails, piercing blue eyes and a seemingly robotic regularity to do everything, fans have been deeply invested in what happened to Kim.. Screening Season 6 Mid-Season at Tribeca Film Festival Better Call Saul Mysterious co-creator Peter Gould explains why there won’t be an ambiguous fate with Kim at the premiere of “Fool’s Style.”

“These people live in a very dangerous world, and Kim is a super complex person. In the next few episodes, we have a lot of areas to cover. I would say her fate is not entirely ambiguous. “

He may have been intentionally vague resigned, but he didn’t lie. Two episodes later, in “Entertainment and Games”, after Sol and King tried to live a normal life after watching Lalo kill Howard in front of them and then forced King to try to assassinate Gus, King Revoked her legal license, packed up, and left Saul. King, after confronting Howard’s widow, can no longer use her skills in fact manipulation and deadpan deception to disguise him as a drug addict Explanation of his death. But more importantly, she left Saul because the two of them together were “poison”. Seems to solidify Kim’s removal from Better Call Saul , the episode ends with Saul sitting in the office we were first introduced to in Breaking Bad. And that’s just the beginning.

kim wexler rhea seahorn


At the end In two of three episodes — “Breaking Bad” and “Water Works” — we find Kim leaving the ghost of murder and duplicity that has been with her in Albuquerque, beginning the slow start of Titusville, Florida Rhythm Life. Thanks to her bored new boyfriend Glenn (Alvin Cowan)’s allegiance to out-of-stock Duke mayonnaise, she uses miracle whip to make tuna sandwiches in place of her craze for plotting an illegal scheme with Saul. Until six years She got Sol’s first phone call after the ex-partner, hoping to catch up and gloat over the misfortune before Kim’s conscience inspired her to suggest that Sol turn himself in to the police. To her apparent surprise, over the years, Sol Gu has Saul Goodman’s stubborn criminal shell doesn’t dampen her love for good-natured Jimmy McGill when Saul berates her and retorts how she should actually turn herself in for her past crimes. He almost Don’t know, he gave Kim the answer to the silent torture she has endured since she left him, which could mean the end of his freedom.

Carrying a woman tired of continuing to consume her now Confidence in past lies, she flew back to Albuquerque to submit a written confession about how Howard Hamlin really died and her involvement with the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office. Arguably the most selfless act of her entire Better Call Saul series. She visits Howard’s grieving widow, Cheryl Hamlin (Sandryn Holt). , and show her The same confession gave her some sense of closure, even though she knew Cheryl could sue her for all worth in civil court. As she hopped on the airport shuttle to catch a flight back to her new life in Florida, Blonde let out an impassioned cry of an atypical woman who logically hid her tears. In that moment, the Kim Wexler we once knew was effectively submerged in the purifying grief of a woman who was finally freed from the burden of her inescapable past. gene takovic and jeff in better call saul bob odenkirk and pat healy

gene takovic and jeff in better call saul bob odenkirk and pat healy

Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television //

Before Kim’s confessional episode, the season 6 premiere set the stage for her influence on Breaking Bad. Given that Kim was the last person with a cork in Better Call Saul, and it appears to be from the Breaking Bad timeline, it’s safe to say Suppose the cork is at least Saul and King’s souvenir in Better Call Saul . But this is just the beginning.

During the season 6 premiere, Sol told King that he rented a humble brown Ford Taurus. Kim’s response was underwhelming, suggesting that if Jimmy McGill goes all out for the role of Saul Goodman, he needs to do more. For her, Saul Goodman drives a more gifted American-made car. It sounds like the Cadillac DeVille he drove in Breaking Bad , which was taken away at the start of the season 6 premiere. If Season 6 confirms anything, Kim Wexler may have never inserted herself directly into the Breaking Bad timeline, but her impact is felt in ways we can’t know, if not Better calls Saul .

How did Jeff get hereBetter Call Saul Help bring Breaking Bad‘s Walter White into the Better Call Saul timeline? gene takovic and jeff in better call saul bob odenkirk and pat healy

The story of Better Call Saul is divided into two timelines: the former Breaking Bad and late Breaking Bad . The latter timeline is Saul’s life after relocating from Albuquerque, New Mexico at the end of Breaking Bad. In the future timeline, he is a Cinnabon employee named Gene Takovic who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Seeing how the vast majority of Better Call Saul is set up before the Breaking Bad event,Saul doesn’t know who Walt and Jesse are, so No mention of their names in the main Better Call Saul timeline . But, in the penultimate episode of the Better Call Saul series, SaulBreaking Bad‘s life is thanks to a A brief discussion with nosy taxi driver Jeff (Pat Healy).

gene takovic and jeff in better call saul bob odenkirk and pat healy


Approaching Gene in the season five premiere was Jeff “Magic” with a menacing smile, forcing the disguised Shame lawyer to admit he was actually Saul Goodman. Gene’s story is only told in Better Call Saul, but it is the result of the Breaking Bad timeline. Both series tell the story of Saul Goodman. So, Jeff got Gene to admit he was Saul a character first created in Better Call Saul and fully realized in Breaking Bad In the postBreaking Bad timeline.

In the most recent season 6 episode “Nippy”, Gene tries to get out of this predicament by exploiting the social engineering shenanigans that make slipping Jimmy a lawsuit nightmare. He lures Jeff into a complex scheme to rob a mall, secretly luring him into illegal activities that can blackmail him. Soothe Jeff’s nervousness about going crazy by letting him know how he accomplished the crazy feat with “cash as big as a Volkswagen” with the help of the 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher. And just like that, Walter White entered Better Call Saul.

better call saul season 6 and others Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad timeline merged?

If you can wipe away enough tears to watch the penultimate episode of “Waterworks”, you’ll see that Kim not only Entered the post Breaking Bad timeline as a mild-mannered Florida cubicle worker, but was actually in the pre Breaking Bad ) world. In the episode, Kim broodingly signs divorce papers in Sol’s Breaking Bad law firm as her con man ex-husband’s response to losing o Pretend to be indifferent to the woman who only loves him . As she walked out of the office, the first client he brought was Emilio (John Hill), Jesse’s original meth trading partner, died The pilot episode of Breaking Bad .

Moments later, when a frustrated Kim meets Jesse Pinkman while waiting for Emilio outside Sol’s office, we Learn that he knows all about Kim Wexler during his time in Breaking Bad. Jesse tells Kim he knows she’s a lawyer because she helps his friend and drug dealing partner Christian “Combo” Ortega (Rodney Rush) get out of trouble after stealing a baby Jesus statue . When Jesse asked her for an expert opinion on Saul’s suitability to be a lawyer, King replied sarcastically, “When I knew him, he was.” We know that Jesse ultimately believed that Saul was his and Walt’s lawyer because when there was a Twice he let Emilio off the hook when the overwhelming evidence was against him. But, one can imagine, he mistook Kim’s condemnation of Sol as an endorsement of him, since Sol has been a good lawyer since she knew him.

Earlier in the season, we discovered El Polo Loco boss and criminal mastermind Gus Flynn’s nemesis Lalo Salamanca and Thor’s frequent nemesis Howard Hamlin both Buried on the construction site of the large laboratory used by Gus in Breaking Bad to cook a large amount of meth for sale in New Mexico. Their funeral also confirms that these two Better Call Saul mainstays Breaking Bad are right under our noses (along with Walter and Jesse’s)

The prompt for the merging of the two program timelines first appeared in Better Call Saul’s final season premiere. In the first five minutes of the premiere episode, we’re greeted by movers who are emptying what appears to be the palatial estate Sol once owned. They cleaned out his huge bathroom with golden shower walls and obscene golden toilets, put his 1997 Cadillac DeVille famous in Breaking Bad in Take away at the back of the truck and remove all loose furniture. While Saul was paid handsomely as “friends of the cartel” at the end of season 5, the extravagance displayed in this opening scene may go beyond a man who once had a law firm behind a law firm price range. Better Call Saul Nail Salon. But it’s more in the price range of a man who hides a ton of cash on the ceiling just in case he’s on the Breaking Bad timeline like Saul did. We see him retrieving this m Breaking Bad one in the timelineBetter Call Saul Episode 5 this season titled “Quite A Ride” is the last Better Call Saul we see in the Breaking Bad timeline Scenes.

However, in the season 6 premiere, the real will Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul timeline.

Zafiro Anejo Tequila Corks


When they loaded a dresser drawer into the back of the mobile truck, A Zafiro Anejo tequila cork fell out. The camera slowly zooms in, indicating that this is a major development, and it’s not just any tequila cork. It appears in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. In Better Call Saul, the corks of the fictional tequila brand appear in some of Kim and Jimmy’s naughty scams that run on unsuspecting fools. It came most poignantly in episode 9 of the show’s fifth season, titled “Bad Choice Road,” when Kim quit her easy job as partner and head of Schweikart & Cokely’s banking division, but made sure to double back into her The office retrieved the corks she had kept in the desk drawer. In Breaking Bad, when Gus poisons a bottle of tequila to kill the cartel leader who once killed his dear friend Max, the cork is less conspicuous but more influential.

better call saul season 6


Another clue to the merger of the two timelines is hinted at in the promotional photos for Season 6. In the photo, Saul, disguised as Gene, appears in grey in a bright red jacket. Throughout Better Call Saul, glimpses Saul’s new life as Gene is only depicted in grey, indicating it’s a separate time Line Color Better Call Saul Timeline . T His promotional photos clearly show that the show is ready to match the Breaking Bad timeline depicted in grey with Better Call Saul The timeline is colorful. Since Better Call Saul has been We covered the colorful scenes of the “Quite A Ride” episode in the Breaking Bad timeline, and there are plenty of reasons to see how the season 6 opening scene merges the timeline of.

One episode left in the Better Call Saul series, not so many Breaking Bad Loose endings can be tied, but we’ll keep an eye on them through tears. gene takovic and jeff in better call saul bob odenkirk and pat healy



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