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Betty Gilpin and Dane DeHaan to Direct Netflix's 'American Raw'

Netflix has completed its Taylor Kitsch-led western Original American .

Betty Gilpin, Dane DeHaan, Jai Courtney and 44 Shea Whigham is 44 Joining the cast of the series are writer Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) and executive producer Pete Berg ( Friday Night Lights ) and Eric Newman ( Narcos ). The cast will also include Kyle Bradley Davis, Nick Hargrove, Derek Hinkie, Thora Lightfoot Lyons, Preston Motta, Shawnee Prior and Joe Tippett.

The six-episode American Primeval has been described as “a raw, adventurous exploration of the The Birth of the West. Violent clashes of cultures, religions and communities, men and women fighting and dying for control of this new world – a land they truly believed to be their destiny. The ensemble tells a story of what happened when they chose to enter Lawlessness and the untamed wilderness is a sacrifice that all must make.”

Kitsch plays Isaac, a traumatized man struggling to overcome his demons and Find a reason to live. Gilpin (GLOW, Gaslit) as Sara Rowell, a woman who stops by Fort Bridger The woman at the – run by Whigham (Perry Mason) ) Jim Bridger – is looking for a guide for her and her son Devin (Mota) to cross the border.

DeHaan (The Staircase, Oppenheimer) will play Jacob Pratt, a Mormon The family, including wife Abish (Lyon), joins other Utah settlers. Courtney (Kaleidoscope) plays Virgil Cutter, a hunter and bounty hunter, while Davis plays one of his hunters, the dangerous Tilly.

Hargrove (Charmed) as Cottrell, Bridger’s right-hand man at the Fort. Hinkey (Walker: Independence) will play Red Feather, leader of a group of rebellious Raven warriors. Pourier (Dark Winds) plays Two Moons, a strong-willed girl who escapes her village. Tippett (Mare of Easttown) plays James Wolsey, a Mormon who leads a militia, but they don’t have what they claim moral code of life.

Smith is writing all six episodes of American Primeval, and Berg will direct. Berger executive-produces with Smith through his film and Newman through Grand Electric. Berg and Newman are also behind Netflix’s upcoming opioid crisis drama Painkiller, which also stars Kitsch. 44



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