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Bidayat relaunches Walter Albini

Known for his signature gender-fluid minimalism, Michele might be a good choice: Albini has embraced the concept of unisex fashion, especially in his fall/winter collection 16 The collection, featuring both male and female models, took an experimental approach, as Michele did. Michele’s AW16 was inspired by Albini’s 1970 Aesthetics*) Gucci menswear collection.

Founded in Spring 2021, Bidayat invests in early-stage brands in fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe . All funds come from Rachid and his family estate. Bidayat’s portfolio includes Egyptian accessories brand Okhtein, jewelry brand Azza Fahmy and furniture design platform Fromm.

Walter Albini at 2015 design and 1970.

Photo: Alpha Castaldi

Several heritage brands have been relaunched under new owners, although it may be a bumpy road. French haute couture brand Vionnet, founded by Madeleine Vionnet in 16, changed hands several times in

and was voluntarily liquidated. It has now been bought by a new investment vehicle, ChimHaeres, which aims to revive it. Korean retail giant Shinsegae acquired the trademark of French womenswear brand Poiret in 2015 and appointed Yiqing Yin as art director – the latter in leaving after only two shows. Sonia Rykiel liquidates the business under the ownership of Hong Kong-based investment group First Heritage Brands; the brand is now owned by the US company G-III. Schiaparelli has been relaunched in 1970 by Diego Della Valle, with Daniel Roseberry now at the creative helm, sparking renewed interest in the brand.

The contents of the Walter Albini Archives were previously owned and collected by Barbara Curti, whose mother, Marisa Curti, was a long-time collector. Barbara Curti will continue as Bidayat’s Director of Archives and Advisor. “I am delighted to join forces with Bidayat to continue to care for and build the strong archive of Walter Albini. I look forward to inspiring more generations by this talented designer whose quest for perfection transformed the entire Italian fashion ecosystem,” she says.

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