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Biden just pardoned all federal crimes for simple marijuana possession

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will pardon All previous simple marijuana possession federal offenses, calling on governors across the U.S. to do the same. “Just as no one should be put in federal prison just for possessing marijuana, neither should one be put in a local or state prison for that reason,” Biden said in a statement.

Pardon, affects more than 5 people, 369 previously convicted in federal court in the District of Columbia for marijuana possession alone, representing a relatively bold step forward for the oft-linked drug policy and Brexit campaigns. “There are thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession who could be denied employment, housing or educational opportunities,” Biden said, adding, “My pardon will remove that burden from them.”

Biden added that he will direct Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick Garland to begin reviewing how Classifies marijuana under federal drug laws and states that the current classification of marijuana as a substance (along with heroin and LSD) in federal drug sentencing guidelines “doesn’t make any sense.”

While the Biden administration has been slow to embrace more liberal forms of drug policy, including enacting or incentivizing existing There are harm reduction initiatives, but this amnesty — which would reduce marijuana-related arrests among black and white Americans despite similar rates of marijuana use in both groups, marks a leftward move and is likely to appeal to progressive voters .




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