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Bijagos is paradise, but not as you know it

Rich outsiders are on the way too. I’m told there are luxury French holiday homes and higher end hotels, so it’s only a matter of time before Bijagos has the potential to become a different kind of island paradise – just like anywhere else.

What to do

Stay in Bubak, enjoy the rhythm of island life, spend time on deserted beaches or travel by walking. At the end of the island there is Bruce Beach, or a “hidden” beach that has its own Google Maps listing. Otherwise, if you want to explore the tabancas, take a boat trip to Orango to see hippos, or go to Canhabaque or Rubane.

How to get there

Fly to Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau. Bubak Island can be reached in just an hour by speedboat from the port, or longer by tourist ferry or local canoes. Or, if you’re actually

Elon Musk, there’s a small airstrip on Bubaque that fits a four-passenger Cessna.

You can find boat schedules through Consulmar. If you want to visit islands other than Bubaque, you’ll likely have more success arranging a boat with a hotel such as Ponta Achaca or Bob Fishing Club. If that’s not possible, talk to the fisherman.


Saldomar in Bubaque is the best budget option and some of the best you will eat on the West African coast food. You can expect to pay approximately $ per night. If you want more comfort try Casa Afrikana in Bubac or Punta Anchaca in Rubane where the rooms are more like $70 one night.




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