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Bill Hader on Barry's turning point in HBO series: 'A good reminder that he's not a good guy'

“It was only a matter of time before this started spreading to his loved ones,” said the Emmy-winning actor and co-creator.

Bill Hader, Barry season four

Bill Hader in Barry Season 4 Provided by HBO

Bill Hader made public He sees the turning point in the life of Barry

Berkman HBO series Barry.

ahead of Series finale Harder had a specific moment in mind when he was asked what Barry’s point of no return was on Sunday in the Emmy-winning show.

“I always feel that there is a big turning point was when Barry killed Chris [his comrade, an affable family man who knew too much],” Hader told Los Angeles Times . “It was a moment.”

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter

with The episode in Barry about In the first season, writer Liz Sarnoff breaks down the scene and explains that they wanted to make sure the audience felt that Barry wasn’t No selection . He has to kill his friend or he will lose everything.

“At the same time, you see from Chris [Marquette], ‘Oh, this is how you should feel – how a normal person feels – when they kill,’ ’ said Sarnoff. “However, we’re still on Barry’s side: he had to do it – he had no choice. Chris’ backtracking is so painful! That’s how we know it’s right.”

In Los Angeles Times , Anthony Carrigan and Henry Winkler shared that the Barry-Chris scene surprised them and was emotionally challenging. Then, very quickly, the episode transitions to a scene where Barry rescues Fuchs (Stephen Root) from the Chechens, and the audience cheers him on again.

“We did a screening and people applauded when I saved you [Fuches],” Hader told the publication. “I was like, ‘Wait, did we do something wrong?'”

The Emmy-winning actor and co-creator said another scene where he felt Barry crossed the line It was when he blew up while Sally was at work Season 3 because it shows how his behavior and way of being affects other people.

“It’s very important and it’s only a matter of time before this starts spreading to people he loves,” he said. “It’s a great reminder that he’s not a nice guy. It’s echoed in all the characters. They have moments like, ‘Can I come back from this?'”

Hader and co-creator Alec Berg never shied away from showing Barry in a less positive light. In a March 730 THR cover story, former Saturday Night Live The audience objected to him playing the killer .

“I remember watching Goodfellas growing up and growing up like, ‘Wow, look at his life. It’s great.’ And then they shoot the spider [Michael Imperioli’s character] and you know it’s true,” He said. “I always feel a little cheated on movies where they try to make sure you like the main character. As you get older, you just find out that life is more like Goodfellas.”

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