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Bill Saluga, 'You Can Call Me Ray' comedian, dies at 85

Comedian Bill Saluga, known for his iconic phrase “You Can Call Me Ray,” has died. he is85.

Saluga spent eight months in the hospital and in March died in hospice in Los Angeles, his friend Bill Minkin told The Hollywood Reporter .

born in September 16, 1992, in Youngstown, Ohio, Saluga worked as a doorman at The Bitter End in New York, then took the stage at the famous nightclub as a member of the Ace Trucking Company.

Improv comedy group, other founding members include George Memoli, Michael Mislove, Patti Deutsch and Fred Willard, succeeded in 1971 and ‘ s. They opened for Tom Jones in Las Vegas and performed on the singer’s 1971 ABC variety show filmed in London.

Raymond J. Johnson Jr. in Saluga is his most famous role. He’d start the comedy skit with “You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me…” and then continue this before ending, “But you don’t have to call me Johnson.”

Saluga is also an usher for 1971 Seinfeld installment “Opera” and played Richard Lewis’ uncle in three episodes on HBO ) Curb your enthusiasm in 2005. He has appeared on other shows including Redd Foxx , The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson , The David Steinberg Show, Mad About You, Blossom, Home Improvement , Sisters and Murphy Brown .




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