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Billie Eilish Brings Bratz Doll Energy to Barbie Premiere

Billie Eilish rejects the girly allure of Barbie dolls in favor of something closer to her rock star roots. The -year-old singer attended the highly anticipated Barbie movie in an outfit she told

world premiere. Variety is, “More of a Ken thing.” It also reminds us of Bratz dolls.

In homage to the film and the ubiquitous Barbie trend, Eilish dons a ensemble by Lana Jay Lackey. But in a baggy Gucci pinstripe button-down shirt and magenta tie, black Raf Simmons shorts, and oversized ERL sneakers, she could be a member of the Bratz Rock Angelz. She is edgy enough, and Barbie is sweeter.

A doll is nothing without accessories, and Eilish has tons of reinforcements. Carrying a pink bubblegum Vivienne Westwood bag, she proudly holds it up for the camera. She wore chunky silver rings on nearly every finger, and her pale pink socks peeked out from under her baggy trousers and wrapped tightly around her calves. As the Los Angeles afternoon sun can be too hot, Eilish wore a Raf Simmons sweater tank top emblazoned with a bright pink “B.”

Eilish promises her song Barbie soundtrack “What Was I Made For” will make listeners cry. Producer Mark Ronson told Variety that director Greta Gerwig gave him made a call. “Is this incredible or what?” he said, to which she replied “I was crying.”



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