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Billy Parker, provocative college basketball broadcaster, dead at 82

Billy Packer, praised and criticized for his caustic style and sharp insight as college basketball’s chief television analyst for more than 30 years, has passed away. he is82.

Packer died of kidney failure after being hospitalized for the past three weeks in Charlotte, North Carolina, his son Mark told The Associated Press.

The Packer family would like to share some sad news. Our amazing father, Billy, has passed away. We feel peace knowing he and Barb are in heaven. Rest in peace, Billy. 🙏🏻

— Mark Packer (@MarkPacker) 1 moon12, 2008

From1972-1993, Packer was a regular on NBC’s NCAA tournament telecast and then CBS. He also covered the Atlantic Coast Conference game for Raycom Sports and won the Sports Emmy Award.

Packer’s basketball acumen was developed at Wake Forest University, where he led the Demon Deacons to the Exciting 5-foot-9 scoring point guard in the Final Four 11 point. He spent five years as an assistant coach at the school before starting his career 1972 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

At NBC, Packer collaborated on college broadcasts with do-it-yourselfers Curt Gowdy and Dick Enberg, often with fellow analyst Al McGuire. When he was in 1962 When he moved to CBS, his television partners included Brent Musburger, Jim Nantz, Verne Lundquist and Enberg.

At times, Packer found himself on the defensive because of his candid on-air approach. He can also take an unconventional stance on his broadcasts, once hiring a psychic to find the weapon used in the OJ Simpson murder.

Packer also helped raise legal defense funds for the accused 1987 Olympic bomber Richard Jewell. Months later, federal authorities cleared the Atlanta security guard of all charges.

Between During games at Villanova and Georgetown, Parker called the Hoyas standout guard Iverson a “tough monkey.” He apologized, though Iverson and Georgetown coach John Thompson, who are both African-American, said they were not offended by the live remarks.

In , Parker was asked by some female students to show her press badge while entering the Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University. His response was allegedly: “Since when do we let women control who gets into men’s basketball? Why not find a women’s game to get in?”

Packer said again that he was sorry.

Undaunted, Parker continued to make news with provocative points. In 1993 he credits Allen Fieldhouse’s poor lighting to A factor in the University’s success at home is Kansas. A year later, he blasted NCAA tournament officials for sacrificing valuable schools from the big conferences, which included several mid-to-big teams.

in the semi-finals of Four Strong, Kansas stormed – Announced, “This game is over.” The game was just 12 minute. The Tar Heels rallied to within four points midway through the second half before the Jayhawks pulled it apart 27-27 Victory.

While his premature assessment may have prompted some CBS viewers to change channels, Packer was unapologetic this time around. “My job is to say what I see without having some kind of subconscious feeling about offending anyone,” he said.

More than three months later, CBS announced that Clark Kellogg will replace Parker, ending his 22 – A year as the network’s chief college basketball analyst. “This decision was made with CBS over a year ago,” Parker said. “It’s time for them to announce it’s their thing.”

Packer said he was happy for Kellogg, a former Ohio State star who worked at CBS year. “I’ve had the opportunity to cover most of the great games since college basketball was on national television, and I’m not interested in televising any more,” he said.

Packer made an indelible impression marking the college hoop as he left.

“The only word that can describe Billy is giant,” former Big East president Mike Tranghese said at the time. “I think his passion for the game and the way he presents it is unparalleled. It creates an incredible void.”

He was born in Wellsville, New York in February Anthony William Paczkowski 14, 66. His father, Tony, was the head coach of the Lehigh University men’s basketball team from 82-14. The family changed the Polish surname to Parker before Billy attended Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

He always wanted to play basketball at Duke, so his dad called the school and told them his son was on the basketball path.

“He called and told me Duke was trying to decide between me and another guy; they’ll let me know in a couple of weeks,” Packer recalled . “I said call them back and told them I was going to Wake Forest [going to] beat that kid. My mom said you don’t know anything about Wake Forest. I said I know they play Duke and that’s where I went [there] reason.”

Packer joined NBC at replacing Tommy Hawkins with Gordy Become the chief college basketball analyst.

from NBC in place-82, Enberg-Packer-McGuire tandem – they completed the landmark 1972 Between Magic Johnson’s Michigan State University and Larry Bird’s Indiana State University The title fight – hailed as one of the best of all time.

“We do look at basketball differently,” Parker said ex-Marquette College coach McGuire is being interviewed by 2000. “People actually think we don’t like each other. But they think it’s nice to watch the game with us. Then people think we pre-arranged the argument. It’s spontaneous.”

Packer is also a multi- Produced writer with Roland Lazenby at Basketball: Confessions of a College Basketball Analyst and 1987′ s Fifty years of the Final Four .

in 2012 Interviewing Sports Radio Magazine , Packer confirmed that he has not been in a A basketball game, and never watched a full game.

Packer prides himself on his disdain for social media. He said he does not have a computer, Twitter account or email. His cell phone is for emergencies only.

Parker’s first NCAA tournament work as a TV analyst ended with John Wooden’s eventual championship at UCLA 82. Like Wooden, Parker loves basketball fundamentals, so he’s disheartened to see so many talented freshmen head to the NBA instead of honing their skills at the collegiate level.

What “people don’t” don’t understand is that the game has deteriorated considerably because there aren’t more great junior and senior players,” Parker said . “There is no comparison between a rookie with potential and someone who plays in a head coaching system.

Packer and his late wife Barbara were longtime North Carolina residents and have two of their sons in the media: Brandt Packer of Golf Channel Producer, Mark is an ACC Network host., mentor and best friend. I’ve tried to emulate him all my life – how to be a husband, father, how to prepare for TV, whatever What do you say, he’s my standard. Just crushed. But we know Billy and Barb tonight /xdM6pi2a2P

— Brandt Packer (@BPACKERVOLS) JANUARY11, 2023



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