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Billy Potter to Play James Baldwin in Upcoming Biopic

Pose star Billy Porter is set to play James Baldwin Feature based on the life of Byron Allen the legendary novelist, essayist and activist for Allen Media Group Motion Pictures .

Porter and Dan McCabe will be based on the book James Baldwin by David Leeming : A Biography. The Broadway-trained Porter, a longtime Baldwin disciple, quotes the legendary author and civil rights activist from his 1994 Emmy Winner Acceptance Speech.

An insight into Baldwin’s life and struggles, representing the culmination of the Emmy, Tony and Grammy award-winning performer’s longstanding creative ambitions, He’s an Oscar short EGOT. “As a relatively conscious black gay man on this planet, I find myself, as James Baldwin puts it, ‘in constant rage.’ I am because of James. I stand on the shoulders of James Baldwin, and I intend to Amplify his legacy for future generations,” Porter said in a statement.

Baldwin, born in Harlem, is an African-American gay writer and A civil rights activist who, due to the racism of his youth, spent most of his life outside the United States, where he wrote extensively on black identity, activism, sex and race relations.

His most famous books include Go to the Mountain to Tell a Story, Notes of a Native Son, Another Country and The Fire Next Time, which has been adapted into or inspired films including Barry Jenkins’If Beale Street Could Talk and Raoul Peck’s ) I’m Not Your Negro Documentary.

Porter’s Incognegro Productions will co-produce the Baldwin biopic with Allen Media Group. Allen Media Group Chairman and CEO Allen said in his own statement: “The talent and dedication of Billy Porter and Dane Cabe to amplify the legacy and contributions of James Baldwin to this unique and epic story Priceless and unparalleled.”

Executive producers will be shared by Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Matthew Signer and Chris Charalambous. Porter and DJ Gugenheim of Incognigro Productions will serve as producers.

Porter and McCabe had earlier sold their original TV idea Fruits of Thy Labor to Peacock, by Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. Television Studios. McCabe’s feature film The Home is currently in development at Paramount. 1242235



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