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'Bird Box Barcelona' is the latest example of Netflix's international spin-off strategy

Bird Box Barcelona There is something familiar. This is by design. This Spanish-language post-apocalyptic horror film, directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor (The Last Days), on

Netflix opens worldwide on Friday, and is set in the same “fictional world” as the original Bird Box Universe,” directed by Susan Beale and starring Sandra Bullock, Netflix’s global surprise debut on .

Bird Box Barcelona in action The story takes place in the Catalan capital rather than California, and in Bullock’s place, the cast is a mix of Latinos and Europeans, of which Including Spanish star Mario Casas, Diego Calva of Babylon and Georgina Campbell from Savage , but fans of the original (based on the novel by Josh Malerman) will recognize the premise: the world has been invaded by a mysterious entity , if viewed directly, these entities force the viewer to commit suicide. A group of ragged, blindfolded survivors attempted to lead their families to safety.

“We know it’s critical to maintain iconic elements of the universe: blindfolds, bio-myths, the idea that sight is the world is the most dangerous thing you can do,” says Grace. said Chris Morgan, one of the lead producers on the original Bird Box and its Spanish spinoff. “As for disagreement, we decided to ignore the familiar and explore what was happening on the other side of the world, just like the events in the original film. How would people in different countries and cultures react to the same event?”

Bird Box Barcelona

is familiar for another reason. It’s the latest example of Netflix’s strategy of trying to broaden its appeal by offering international extensions to its hit shows. Zack Snyder’s Zombie Feast Army of the Dead spawned German feature film Army of Thieves . Spanish hit Money Heist Asian remake, Money Heist : South Korea , and an upcoming Spanish-language prequel, Berlin . CRIME: UK, program by George Kay, creator of Lupine, has been remastered in German, French and Spanish-speaking markets. The streamer is even trying to get franchises across formats, offering shiny spin-offs of South Korea’s hit squid game with a similarly themed (but luckily non-lethal) game show Squid Game Challenge .

“I believe Netflix can provide a nuanced approach to adapting films across formats and languages ​​because of our excellent local content team and cross-genre (film, TV series) great team, non-fiction and more,” said Teresa Moneo, director of European studios at Netflix.

Netflix’s global reach may be its USP (Unique Selling Point), but remaking hit shows for international markets is nothing new. ABC’s Desperate Housewives has received several international releases, including Argentina’s Amas de Casa Desesperadas and Umutsuz Ev Kadınları is in Turkey. The Israeli TV series BeTipul has spawned a dozen international spin-offs, most notably HBO’s In Treatment and Jedi Hattufim by Gideon Raff, or POW, becomes Showtime’s Motherland, POW – Bandi Yuddh Ke in India, Rodina in Russia.

“The advantages [of doing an international spin-off] are many,” Morgan said. “From an audience perspective, an international outreach allows audiences to experience new and desirable places and cultures they’ve never seen a million times on film, [and] from a marketing perspective, having A strong, successful global IP to anchor subsequent chapters around the world is definitely a confidence booster [in the platform].”

What’s new about Netflix is ​​that it Focus on local audiences. With many markets nearing saturation point and overall subscriber growth slowing, the company has shifted its focus from attracting new subscribers to maintaining and attracting existing audiences. While streamers love to talk about the importance of taking local content globally, millions of households around the world watched Squid Game For example, for international programming, the performance of its domestic market has become the main indicator of rating success.

“If you make a Danish show for Netflix now, it has to be released in Denmark first,” says Peter Boss, CEO of Miso Film, which produces Danish dystopian series. Bose) on Netflix’s Rain. “[It used to be] if a show was successful globally but didn’t do well locally, they would still go to a second season. But now it’s the local domestic market that matters.”

“You still want it to be global,” says Dylan Clark, who made Bird Box and Barcelona Bird Box , “but it had to feel real (for the Spanish audience). That’s why we went to priests, because we knew they could come into the place and stay in the The way it’s done in the Birdbox area, but in Barcelona for real.”

Bird Box Barcelona

Same as the original, drawn Critics have had mixed reviews , but the real test will come when viewers in Spain and around the world watch it in the coming days.

“I’m a superstitious producer, but if people like this movie, I think it’s very good, I hope we can explore different cities and different The language bird box world,” Clark said. “You know, we can go to the next place and see what are the Asians doing? What are the people in South America doing? We can really get into different cultures all over the world. That’s pretty cool.”



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