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'Bird Box Barcelona' trailer: Unseen evil unleashed in Sandra Bullock movie spin-off

Netflix has released the trailer for Bird Box Barcelona, which expands on the movie Bird Box, Starring Sandra Bullock As a mother, she must protect her children from evil forces while fighting for her own survival.

This Spanish-language spin-off features a blindfolded father, Sebastian, played by Mario Casas, protecting his daughter, and Barbarian Rising star Georgina Campbell joins in a dark, unseen world escaping a demonic entity on the desolate streets of Barcelona.

“Wear blindfolds. Cover your eyes by any means necessary to avoid visual contact with these creatures,” in Written and Directed by Álex Pastor and David Pastor In the trailer for the movie, the frightened people are warned at one point.

That’s because anyone who sees the power of evil will be forced to commit violent suicide.

In the trailer, Sebastian faces unexpected and even more sinister threats as he forms an uneasy alliance with other survivors to escape Barcelona. This threat expands the Bird Box universe.

The original Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock, directed by Susan Beer, based on Joe A novel by Sh Malerman. The film portrays Bullock as a mother who must fight for her life and that of her children as they navigate an unforgiving dystopian world.

This Barcelona-set thriller is the first in a series expected to expand on Bird Box Universe.

Netflix debuts in July 500 Bird Box Barcelona is “Are You Ready to See?” 2018 1168496



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