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Bit Studio Resort 2024

The “secret” aspect of BITE Studios (starting with its acronym, which stands for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress) predates the succession of a couple (*​​ Year. Founded in 2016 by Veronika Kant and William Lundgren, the Swedish label offers an idyllic minimalism that really translates to real-life work and play scenarios.

For resorts, the label upped the art of tailoring by adding stitching detailing to ivory trousers. Known for their killer cut pants, they added a pair of elongated pants with built-in movement to their repertoire that sits slightly higher at the waist and gathers just above the ankle. Their lookbook featured a tucked-in blazer, the designer’s take on the traditional suit.

Kant and Lundgren continued to explore last season’s petal shapes; the peplum belt that seemed to be a hit at retail was back, joined by a shawl along the same lines. Here, a move from suggestive to more direct in terms of florals was added, with prints and other treatments added. A tone-on-tone floral embroidery on a pair of wool and silk-blend cropped pants feels crisp and lustrous, more pleasing to the eye than a well-placed flower on a blazer.

Shot on the streets of Stockholm as the sun rises, the book showcases the subject the team is working on: a woman who stays at parties until dawn. “When you’re alive a little bit, there’s that alive, alive feeling,” Kant says with a smile. An ivory and black half-cocktail dress with a petal hem, finished in a brighter white and black Colorblock pieces in knits capture the transitions between day and night in a more balanced, less ostentatious way. The same material was used in flowy low-rise dresses and long shirtdresses with open backs and drawstrings.

There are two types of suggestive collections in this piece; the sexy with a backless or second skin fit, and the more gestural and interpretive petal motifs, Combine the romance and practicality of flowers. For Kant and Lundgren, nuance plays a role in design construction and aesthetics, but not in materials. BITE sets personal record for resort; Kant reports . 5% of the materials they use are sustainable.


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