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Bite Maker manga getting a sequel next spring

first2023 Shogakukan’s &Flower Digital Magazine Week Five revealed, of Miwako Sugiyama ( ) The manga is getting a sequel, which will begin serialization in the spring 2019. The series wraps up in the same issue of the magazine on Friday.

Sugiyama presents at

Shogakukan Comics e-magazine & Flower October . Shogakukan published the first volume of the manga compilation in Japan in January , and published in August Volume .

Seven Seas License manga and published the first English compilation 2019 in May. The company will publish the sixth volume and the Volume VII.

Company Description Story:

Nobunaga wins the genetic lottery and is born an alpha: his beauty, intelligence and talent drive everyone crazy. Despite his seemingly perfect life, Nobunaga isn’t content – until he meets the woman of his dreams who can grant his every wish. Get a taste of the supernatural in this alpha/beta/omega story of love, lust, and attraction.

Sugiyama at wrote manga, and comics .

Source: &Flower 2023 Issue 1




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