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BKFC 28 Results: Ferea vs. Starling

MMA Fighting got the results of BKFC 28 at the Rio Rancho Events Center in Albuquerque, NM, which included a grudge for the BKFC Women’s Flyweight Championship.

In the Main Event, Kristin Ferrea defended his title for the first time against a surging Taylor Starling.

Ferea won the title by unanimous decision over Britain’s Hart at Knucklemania 2 in February, while Starling was given the chance to claim the gold after three straight victories.

Additionally, UFC veterans John Dodson and Ryan Benoit will face off in their BKFC debut at the co-main event. The two-time UFC challenger’s Younger brother Eric Dodson will also play as the main card in his professional combat sports debut.

Check out the BKFC 28 results below.

Main Card, 10pm ET, BKFC app and FITE

Christine Ferrea vs Tyler Stalin

John Dodson vs Ryan Benoit

Isaac Varley-Flager To Brad Kelly

to Donald Sanchez to . Jeremy Smith

Will Santiago vs. Jake Young

Eric Dodson vs. Nick Villar

Joshua Morales vs Tony Soto

Joshua Moreno vs. Zion Tomlinson

Preliminary, 9pm ET, BKFC YouTube

Kyle McElroy vs. Josh Watson

Cassie Robb vs. Jayme Hinshaw

Jeremy Soda & Roderick Stewart



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