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BL comic history exhibition opened on May 20

kazeki©Takemiya Keiko 450 “Poetry of wind and wood” napのKISSYou can rest assured Boy’s love (BL) Manga culture is growing steadily when it It becomes more mainstream when it gets major exhibitions tracing its history and influence. “ BL Evolution: From Pioneer to Global Phenomenon – Tracing Boys’ Love

The Year History and Influence

through Manga, Literature, and Media” exhibition will be held in Saitama’s Kadokawa

opening May to Cultural Museum in July Designed to be accessible to BL veterans and novices alike, the exhibit showcases original drawings, books, magazines, Videos and chronology.

Specifically, the exhibition will explore three main periods in the history of the subculture. The first one is the June era, an influential publication founded by

magazine named . Former editor-in-chief Toshihiko Sagawa will share the story behind the magazine’s founding; The exhibit will also feature works by authors who have made careers through June, such as The magazine’s first issue cover was drawn by manga artist Keiko Takemiya. Takemiya also drew key visuals for the exhibition based on the influential series .

The second section focuses on Doujinshi at

Comic Market (Comiket) etc. Popular at major fairs s. This is known as the “yaoi” craze. “Yaoi” is the first letter of the phrase ” Abbreviationyama-nashi, Ochi-nashi, Imi-nashi” (no orgasm, no punch line, no meaning).

The third part focuses on the popular manga in 1990 And Fiction Magazines, like , which is celebrating its

Anniversary this year. Popular artist Asagiri Yu is a representative figure of this period; her works will be on display at the exhibition.

This is also part of the exhibition Kadokawa participation is starting to make sense. At 1990, Kadokawa Bookstore (Now Kadokawa established Kadokawa Ruby Library imprint, mainly focused on aestheticism and BL novels. Imprint frequently published creators who debuted in June .

Other things to note include voiceover Narration by the popular voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa; among his many anime roles, he also plays Isaka Ryuichiro in the popular BL anime. Also

handwritten novel manuscript of Azusa Nakajima, writer of , Editor and reviewer BL also wrote A novel written under the pseudonym of Kaoru Kurimoto . Hardcore BL Comics historians will also have fun seeing out-of-print samples BL Magazine.

Magazines and novels displayed in the exhibition area will be available for visitors to browse at their leisure in the adjacent satellite pavilion on the same floor. This area will also contain wrap-around covers for a selection of BL books by freelance writer Marco plan.

Source: Kadokawa Cultural Museum Website, Comic Natalie

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