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BL novel 'Eternal Yesterday' gets reality show starring Kiramager's Rio Komiya, Sora Inoue

Yuuri Eda of boys-love(BL)Fiction

Eternal Yesterday (Eien no Kinō) is an inspirational reality TV series that will premiere in October 21. Rio Komiya(Mashin SentaiKiramager, Takara-kun to Amagi-kun, in the picture below) and Sora Inoue ( Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo, Sen wa, Boku o Egaku Left) as Yamada Koichi and Omi Mitsuru respectively.

This teenage romance takes place between two high school boys: the carefree and popular Kōichi and the smart but socially awkward Mitsuru. They are totally different, but they find opposites attract. Then one morning, Koichi was hit by a truck right in front of Chong’s eyes. Koichi stood up on the spot with a smile that nothing had happened – but slowly, the students began to forget Koichi’s existence…

Keiichi Kobayashi (Live ActionKoi wa Hikari, He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die, Gyakkō no Koro) is both a director and a screenwriter. Songs in Yuma Bandō ( Starlit Season, , ) is making music.

The eight-episode series will be broadcast during the “Drama Shower” slot as the fourth with

The second collaboration Kadokawa ‘s BL drama label Tunku. will be held in 20 in October
Premiere : (valid, October in 1: 21 am) on MBS channel. It will also be broadcast on Kanagawa TV , Chiba TV , Teletama, Tochigi TV , Gunma TV , and streaming on TVer, MBS Taoism, )GYAO! and other services. Tunku’s official

Niconico Channel Plus will occasionally broadcast production videos and other special content.

Eda’s first cross-fiction imprint in

and Hakusensha and Kadokawa and new versions have since been released. Yōko Tanji Illustration Kadokawa version, shipped in the past March. 189429

Source: Press Release

Picture (C) Yuuri Eda / Yōko Tanji /KADOKAWA (C) “Forever Yesterday” Production Committee MBS





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