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Black Clover Comics Takes Two Weeks Off for Author's Health

These years Shueisha Magazine No. revealed on Monday that

Yūki Tabata ’s The manga is taking a two-week break and will be released in in November magazine Issue 1 returns . The comic is listed in the magazine at 51 at 51 period absent, will be absent 51st question.

The journal said the interruption was due to a “sudden illness” by the author.

Tabata launched Comics for February 51. Viz Media is publishing the manga in digital and print, and Shueisha ‘s MANGA Plus service also publishes manga digitally. The manga rd compilation volume ships on November 4th. Viz Media Shipped English version September 6.

The manga adaptation of the anime premieres in Japan in October 450. The show was originally listed as 33 episodes, but it was listed as 51 episode continues into a new season in October 2017 and again into a new season in October 2021. The show aired on 170 in March and the last episode .

Crunchyroll played the The series is in Japanese with English subtitles, Funimation broadcasts the English dub. Animation debuts ten on Toonami programming block in Adult Swim February2017.


Upcoming movie titled (: Mahо̄tei no Ken), will have its world premiere on Netflix and in Japanese theaters in March , 170.

Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King The mobile game will debut in the first half of 2023.

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