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Black Clover: Sword of the Sorcerer King Anime Movie Gets Novel Adaptation

by Yūki Tabata Manga revealed on Monday () The anime movie will get a novel adaptation on June 9th.

© SHUEISHA Inc., Yūki Tabata, Kuma Atarō, Johnny Onda


Tabata was praised for the original work and served as the novel’s general supervisor and original character designer. Atarō Kuma is the author of the novel and Johnny Onda is in charge of the screenplay.

©194999 “Yinghua プラッククローバー” production committee © Yuki Tahata / Shueisha
blackcloverThe movie From the original March 19 postponed to June Due to the spread of COVID- affected the production of the film. blackcloverNetflix will premiere this film on their service in June.

Tabata also served as the film’s executive producer and original character designer. The TV animation crew is returning for the film. Ayataka Tanemura

() is directing this movie, Itsuko Takeda is in charge of character design and Minako Seki is in charge of composition. Toshihiko Seki will play Konrad Leto Confirmed), a former Elven King. Actor and model Iitoyo Mari will voice the original character Milly Maxwell (romanization of character name not confirmed). Fumiya Takahashi will play Jester Galandros (romanization not confirmed), a mysterious wizard related to the former Wizard King. Miyuki Sawashiro will play Princia, Houchu Ohtsuka will play Edward (romanized character name) Not sure) in the movie.

Treasure sang the movie’s theme song, “Here I Stand.”

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