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'Black Mirror' creator tries to use artificial intelligence to write season 6 episodes: 'There really aren't any real original ideas'

Due to the adverse effects of technology on the hit series Black Mirror, the creatorsCharlie Brooker decided to test the much-discussedartificial intelligence technology for himself.

Accepted in the most recent Empire magazine In the interview, the TV writer said he actually “played ChatGPT a little bit” while writing the latest season of the anthology series.

“The first thing I did was type ‘generateBlack Mirror episodes’ and it came up Something, at first glance, reads reasonable, but at second glance, it’s a piece of shit,” Brook said of the technology’s ability to write scripts. “What it does is it looks up all the synopses for the Black Mirror episodes and mixes them up. Then, if you dig a little deeper, you’re like, ‘Oh , there aren’t really any real original ideas here. “This is [1235402653 Impressionist] Mike Yarwood – with a subject reference.”

Netflix show, which is confirmed last week for its upcoming sixth season There are five episodes in, revealing how the use of modern technology can have counterproductive consequences for humans, each based on a different reality.

Although Brooker’s experimentation with AI technology didn’t go as planned, he noted that there are a few points that will help him as he plans the upcoming season of the show.

“I know I’ve written a lot of episodes where someone said, ‘Oh, I’ve been on the computer,'” he explained. “So I thought, ‘I’m just trying to throw away any sense of what I think Black Mirror episodes are.'”

The Emmy-winning author added: “There’s no point in having an anthology show if you can’t break your own rules. Just a nice cold glass.”

Brooker previously said he “expanded” the parameters of

the Black Mirror episodes of Season 6 What to expect, the series is coming to Netflix in June .



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