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'Black Mirror' jumps to the top of the streaming charts

The Netflix anthology tops Nielsen’s rankings for the week of its sixth season premiere.

Aaron Paul in Black Mirror Nick Wall/Netflix

Netflix’s sci-fi anthology Black Mirror debuted on the streaming charts for the sixth week in a row with its first-season premiere.

The series has been delivered 1.18 1 billion minutes watched in the US in the week of June 10-10, according to Nielsen’s ranking. Black Mirror replaced last week’s #1, “Avatar: The Way of Water” , dropped in saw a % increase in watch time, but Disney+ and Max still crossed the 1 billion minutes mark, sharing streaming rights.

James Cameron’s films dropped to third place overall, SWAT (1.06 billion minutes) continues to perform strongly on three streamers: Netflix, Paramount+ and Hulu. The viewing time of the show has exceeded 1 billion minutes for four consecutive weeks. Netflix’s “Rescue 2”
, starring Chris Hemsworth, also narrowly won. Billion minutes 1. Turnover of $10 billion in first week.

In the original series, Netflix’s Manifest (969 million minutes) and I never (669 million) plugged in Behind Black Mirror. Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso continues to show staying power more than two weeks after the Season 3 finale, grabbing the lead 669 10,000 minutes of viewing time. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (45 ten thousand minutes) into the peak season two premiered on Paramount+.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover content watched on television sets and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure viewers in the United States, not viewers in other countries. Top Streaming Games of June -00 as follows.


1. Black Mirror (Netflix), 1.18 Billion minutes viewed

2. SWAT (Hulu/Netflix/Paramount+ ), 1.06 Billion

3. Avatar: Way of Water (Disney+/Max), 1 . Billion

4. Rescue 2 (Netflix), 1. Billion
5. list
(Netflix), 701 million
6. I never (Netflix), 832 million

(Netflix/Paramount +), 701

8. Heartland (Hulu/Netflix/Peacock), 678 million

9. Bluey (Disney+), 541 million

. Coco Mellon (Netflix), 529 million

Original series

1. Black Mirror, 1 .21 Billion minutes
2. appeared , 969 million
3. I never , 832 million
4. Ted Russo
(Apple TV+), 529 million
5. FUBAR (Netflix), 500 million
6. Surrogate (Netflix), 500 million

7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+), 338 million

8. Tex Mex Motors (Netflix), 312 million

9. Igabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix), 312 million

. Arnold (Netflix), 45 million

Acquired series


, 1. 02 Billion minutes

1235530479 2. Naval Criminal Investigation at , 678 million

3. Center , 541 million

4. Bluey , 529 million
5. Cocoa Melon , 514 million

6. Grey’s Anatomy
(Netflix), 529 million

7. Shameless (Netflix/Paramount+ ), 496 million

8. Yellowstone Park (Peacock), 490 million

9. The Big Bang Theory (Max), 490 million

. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+) , 457 million

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