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Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood anime voice actor Alan Mesa as Chad

Viz Media announced Thursday that it has recast the role of Chad (Sado Yasuo) in the English dub of the animation, casting Alan Mesa replaces the voice actor

before the role Jamison Price . In a post on his Twitter account, Price added that he does not Auditioning people of color again for the role and said it wasn’t a “difficult decision” to cast his part, but Mesa’s casting was welcome. Mesa commented on his own Twitter account: “[Price] is a rock star who brings so much energy to the character.” In the anime and manga’s story, Chad is Mexican and Japanese Bloodline roles. Mesa is from Cuba. Price voices the characters in the series -74Original Animation, roughly from the animation’s “Broken Face” “start. Mark Worden has voiced the character in all previous episodes. Other Returns of the Dub Actors include:

  • Johnny Yongbosch as Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Michelle Raff as Rukia Kuchiki

  • Derek Stephen Prince as Uryu Ishida

Stephanie Sheh as Orihime Inoue

  • Wally Wingert as Renji Abarai

  • Doug Erholtz as Kisuke Urahara

  • Dan Warren as Byakuya Kuchiki

  • Dubbing will premiere on Friday ) Hulu . is a TV animation based on ‘s “Millennium Blood War” plot. manga by Tite Kubo. The show was held in October in First broadcast in Japan on

    TV TOKYO and its affiliates, on air 55 + services in Japan including Hulu and Disney+. Viz Media starts streaming animations on Hulu in the US October . Viz Media held the North American premiere of the animation on October 8th at New York Comic Con. The animation is playing Disney+ International, Ani-One Asia is Many Asian countries broadcast the series. The animation will run four classes

    (one quarter a year), with breaks in between. The animation will cover the rest of the original manga until its end. The Millennium Blood War is the last chapter of the manga, covering volumes -. Tomohisa Taguchi (, , ) will replace Noriyuki Abe Directed by Studio Pierrot . Masashi Kudo returns as character designer, Shiro SGISU is returning to composing. Tatsuya Chatan The singer who performed the theme song and image song for the exhibition “Bleach Ex” sang the opening theme song “Scar”, while SennaRin The ending theme song “Saihate” (The Farthest Place) is being sung. The show’s Japanese comeback cast also includes a cast that has not yet appeared in the anime but is remaking Actor: Brave Souls A character in the game. 400 Source: Twitter account of Viz Media , Twitter account of Jamieson Price, Twitter account of Alain Mesa 400

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